Vlakas Viaios

The Deadly Jokers are a resistance group working with the support of Bail Organa and currently part of Phoenix Fleet. The group changed from being Vlakas Viaios to K'kayeh Dragon Squadron after defeating the only known K'kayeh Dragon on Almas.

Team Flagship: Liberator

Team Picket Vessel: Salvager   

Team Support Vessel: Precursor

Awards Held by Team Members:

Phoenix Membership Medal

Sel Zonn Service Medal

Felucia Service Medal

Cato Neimoidia Service Medal 

Bespin Service Medal

Operation Keffis Service Medal

K'kayeh Battle Medal 

Nar Shaddaa Battle Medal

Dac Battle Medal

The group  has a number of droids with the following considered group property; These are not the ship assigned droids and may be on the ships or elsewhere.

MD-1: 2,000 cr (Alien Species 5D, Treat Disease/Toxin 10D, Medicine 6D)

MD-3: 2,000 cr (Alien Species 5D, Pharmaceuticals 10D, Medicine 6D)

RA-7: 3000 cr (Culinary 5D, Home Ec 4D, Cultures 4D, Languages 3D, Bureaucracy 3D, Repulsor Lift Op 2D)

TC (ebony carvings – Languages 10D, Cultures 4D)

R5 Astromech (Blue/Red – Programming Computer 4D, Repair Computer 4D, Repair Starship 4D)

WA-E Engineer (Languages 3D, Repair Armor 6D, Repair Weapons 6D, Demolitions 6D)

Resource Probe Droid (Planets 4D+2, Mining 5D, Astrogation 5D, Sensors 6D, Communications 6D, Pilot Light Freighter 5D, Investigation 6D, Search 6D, Mov 12 repulsorlift – 5meter ceiling, Passive Sensors 10 units/1 km 0D, Scan Sensors 100 units/10 km 1D, Search Sensors 500 units/50 km 2D, Focus Sensors 10 unit diameter/1km 3D, Beam Drill 3D damage 5 meter range lower arc, Recorders and broadband transceiver)

Skill Cartridges: 10 Aliens/Planets: 6D, 10 Culture/Bureaucracy: 6D, 10 Language/Communications: 6D, 10 Streetwise/Law: 6D, 10 Survival/Willpower: 6D, 10 Medicine: 6D, 10 Programming: 6D, 10 Repair/Engineer: 6D, 10 Security/Forgery: 6D

Skill Programs all general skills available for Synoptic Teacher as well as all specializations not specific to race, planet, language or organization – for those see list below;

Aliens/Planets -General Skill; Activity (Agriculture, Mining), Planet Types (Terrestrial, Gas Giant, Water World, Rock Ball, Asteroid, Desert Worlds, Forrest Worlds, Jungle Worlds, Swamp Worlds, Ice Worlds, Volcanic Worlds, Grasslands Worlds, Mountainous Worlds), Specific Planets (all in Planet List), Species (all on Species List).

Culture/Bureaucracy – General Skill, Activity(Fashion, Culinary Arts, Massage, Painting, Sculpture, Winemaking), Region/Organization (BoSS, Empire, Tionese, Mandalorian), Species (all on Species List), Planetary (all on Planets List)

Languages/Communications – General Skill, Trade/Regional (Basic, Tionese, High Galactic, Ollys Corellis, Bocce, Binary, Mando'a) Devices (Comlinks, Holocommunicators, Subspace Radios), Species Languages (all from Species List)

Streetwise/Law – General Skill, Organization (Black Sun, Hutt Cartel, Imperial Law, Trade Spine League) Planet (all from Planet List)

Command/Intimidate – General Skill (Troopers, Base Crew, Miners, Farmers, Naval Crew, Gunners, Fighter Pilots, Marines, Scouts, Factory Workers, Technicians, Imperial, Interrogation, Bullying, Insinuation)

Navigation – General Skill (Land, Water, Underground, Underwater, Perlimian Trade Route, Corellian Run, Corellian Trade Spine, Hydian Way, Ison Trade Corridor, Coyn Route)

Ride Creature – General Skill (Horse, Keffis, Wagon, Chariot, Cracian Thumper, Tauntaun, Dewback, Bantha, Bordok, Can-Cell, Drexl, Eopie, Falumpaset, Fambaa, Kaadu, Kybuck, Mogo, Mott, Oslet, Ronto, Thranta, Varactyl, Tris)

Other Materials;

Non-Lethal Drugs (1 Hour): 300 doses antitox, 200 doses bioclean, 360 doses ryll, 470 doses stim, 300 doses koresh 

Non-Lethal Drugs (10 hour): 230 doses focus, 240 doses neuron, 280 doses rage, 590 doses halidreshin, 100 doses gravinol, 40 doses white carsinum

Lethal Drugs (10 hour): 360 doses abyss, 30 doses daz, 40 doses ringer, 10 doses redeye, 40 doses bravo

Exotic Drugs (10 hour): 50 doses black carsinum

Poisons: 200 doses vellex (7D stun), 100 doses sophium (5D stun/4D stun per round x3), 100 doses bellot (5D lethal), 400 doses nigate (5D lethal/3D lethal per round x5)

Gasses/Pollens: 400 doses spore-b (4D stun to 40 meter radius once), 400 doses spore-d (8D stun to 30 meter radius), 1700 doses syren (-2D vs influence skills 3 meter radius for 3 hours)

Loot Crates;

Life crystals – 63 x DEX, 67 x MEC, 66 x PER, 64 x STR, 65 x TEC)

395 gems worth 500 credits each – 1D damage add in lightsaber

200 gems worth 1,000 credits each – 1D to hit and 1D damage in lightsaber 

20 Gems worth 1,000 credits each – 2D to hit in Lightsaber

20 Gems worth 1,000 credits each – 2D to Damage in lightsaber

Specialty Gear;

2,910 sets of Loronar Vuzix Deluxe Smartshades with Audio Options

1,910 Loronar Executive Deluxe Datawatch with all options 

3,999 Loronar Targeting Sights

28 Remote Computer Links 

Vlakas Viaios

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