Machi Sector

Machi Sector (M-4); this is a somewhat backwards sector which while under Imperial jurisdiction isn't as fully advanced as the rest of the galaxy. The great houses have access to Imperial technology within limits (the Empire only allows them to have a small number of hyperspace capable craft to keep them in line), but as local technology is still cheaper to produce and skilled labor is often killed or kidnapped in the various wars much of the local technology is well behind the curve compared to the galaxy at large.

Notable areas lacking in local designs are shields, droids, medicine, and hyperdrives (the local made drives are large and slow, but due to the Imperial restrictions only the wealthiest of nobles bother to get newer hyperdrives instead relying on massive transports to carry armies to their destination as has been done for centuries). Droids are almost completely absent with those in the sector brought in from elsewhere as they lack the technology to make their own and have little desire to do so (war machines are too valuable to trust to droids, and little outside war has meaning locally). There are examples of local cyborging technology, but bacta and other advanced medicines are very rare, again an example of life being relatively cheap unless one is a noble or a decorated war hero. Mostly it isn't considered worth the investment to bring in outside technology because so much goes into maintaining enough combat forces to hold off rivals (attempting to divert enough funds to update your technology would leave you vulnerable to takeover before you could gain enough of an edge to stop your opponents).

The Dominant houses battle constantly and use mercenaries to fill in. The constant warfare makes it difficult to maintain enough mining and production to keep all their battle units active, so battlefield salvage is practiced even by the largest forces in the sector and is a major factor in mercenary contracts. The huge reliance on battlefield salvage and standardized parts is another reason changing over to more advanced Imperial technology is problematic.

While this closed off war torn sector would seem to be of little value it does have potential value to the rebellion. The locals have considerable combat experience and are skilled at doing rapid salvage and repair in hostile situation making it an interesting recruiting opportunity. Also while the local designs are primitive by Imperial standards they can potentially overwhelm Imperial designs with numbers and surprise.

In the violent somewhat nihilist society a cyberpunk style culture emerged, weapons are likely restricted since the nobles live in fear of assassination but enforcing those laws would take more resources than the nobility can spare while engaged in continuous warfare. The local manufacturing technology doesn't support repulsorlift technology and while they do have fusion power their reactors are large, cumbersome, and put off a troubling amount of waste heat meaning the use of battery and combustion driven ground vehicles remains very common and rotorcraft or turbine powered aircraft are far more common than speeders. The local version of a subspace radio is the size of a skyscraper meaning most colonies only have one unless they are very large, although comlinks are only slightly larger than galactic standard and generally work just as well even if they have less channel options. Many planets are little more than airless rocks with no real value that would be ignored by the rest of the galaxy, but in Machi Sector controlling more systems than your enemies is important enough that even valueless real estate is somehow occupied.

Honorable Warfare

While common troops are of no more concern in The Machi Sector than anywhere else there is a code of honor that is expected to be followed among mechwarriors. Mech pilots are often nobles and if not are elite warriors who at least recieve the respect of a lesser knight due to their position. As such there are certain expectations like a knight does his own fighting which is why unlike Imperial walkers the Machi battlemechs don't have gunner crews. Others are things like accepting surrender and not killing a helpless foe although they may be taken prisoner and ransomed back to their family.


Most residents on the Machi sector are human, a far higher percentage than even the Imperial core worlds but among them are a few near humans who were the result of genetic experimentation back in the early days of the war. Each subspecies represents only about 1% of the Machi population and has a 2D attribute slide from baseline humans.

The Elf/Commando breed has a 3D/5D range in Dexterity and Perception but only a 1D/3D range in Strength and Technical. 

The Dwarf/Pilot has a 3D/5D range in Mechanical and Technical as well as a specific 1D racial bonus when using the Repair skill but only a 1D/3D slide in Perception and Dexterity while also suffering from a base move of 7 and max move of 9.

The Ork/Trooper has a 3D/5D range in Dexterity and Strength as well as nightvision (2D less penalties in darkness), but has a 1D/3D slide in Knowledge and Technical.

The Troll/Brute (aka Ogre) has a 4D/6D range in Strength and their hide acts as a combat jumpsuit (2 energy, 1D physical protection) as well as having nightvision (2D less in darkness), but they are 1D/3D in Perception and Knowledge and 2.5-3 meters tall giving them a 1D penalty when operating equipment not made for individuals of large size.   

Machi Sector

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