Voidspider Silk

Exotic fashion


Void Spider Silks are an exotic clothing made from the webs of void spiders. It is illegal and very dangerous to collect the fibers, but they make amazingly supple, comfortable, and nearly indestructible clothing with the look and feel of fine silks and the protective qualities of a combat jumpsuit.

Void Silk Outfit
Cost: 5,000 credits
Availability: 4 (collection of the silk is illegal, but the fabric is not)
Protection: 2 pips vs energy, 1D vs physical (no DEX loss)
Notes: treated as formal clothing for style


Void spiders

Spiders: for many just the name sends shivers down many peoples backs. These insidious creatures however are one of the most hideous type of spiders found in the galaxy. Named Void spiders, because the first few cases of these spiders were found on derelict ships coming out of the recently found Arachnid nebula near the out-rim. In 3 BBY, against travel warnings, the cruise ship Lady of Midnor with 10,000 passengers traveled to the nebula to observe the beautiful reflections in the nebula which make spectacular patterns that are a sight to see, but the ship and all on board disappeared. the patterns apparently are huge webs that fill the nebula attached to drifting debris or asteroids. Reports emerged that ships were being attacked around the Arachnid Nebula and Silken Asteroids (O-20 galactic map).

Currently the entire sector around the Arachnid nebula is off limits to any ships due to the dangers of these spiders, which inhabit the nebula. Able to travel in the void of space, the void spider can wait for decades until a passing mynok, or even better a starship comes by, when the spider become active. With their huge sharp claws, the spiders find their ways into the nooks and crannies of a ship, and wait for its food to arrive.The spiders also have the ability to lay eggs which hatch several days later.

Floating egg sacks withing the debris of the nebula and derelict ships as well as hibernating void spiders floating in space await more unwary travelers who foolishly brave the area. This prompted the quarantine of the sector, even though scientist have discovered large pockets of Anistrum, in fine dust form which makes up the nebula. The same material which is used to coat the inside of blaster packs, and other high energy storage devices due to insulating properties. A foolish but greedy miner could make a fortune mining the gases in the nebula for industrial metals as well as collecting void spider silk for luxury clothing at the obvious risk of being consumed by the voracious predators.

Void Spider

Type: Dangerous space spider
Scale: character

Dexterity: 2D
Dodge: 3D

Perception: 2D
Hide 4D

Strength: 2D
Brawling 4D
Climb/jump 4D

Special abilities:

Space Survival: The Void Spider does not require any type of gas to breath to remain alive, and can withstand the pressures of zero-gravity.

Huge Claws: Void spiders have two large claws witch they use to hold their victims in place, and to pry their way into hard surfaces, such as those found on starships. (str+3D Damage)

Egg sacks: Void spiders when mature carry egg sacks which they will drop when they have found a suitable place for the hungry young that hatch few days later.

Cling to walls: Void spiders, like all other spiders have the ability to be able to walk on virtually any surface.

Web: Void spiders can make very beautiful webs that lure hapless victims into the extremely strong web. Rumors of fine silk dresses made of this special silk can can fetch a huge price because not only of its very beautiful threads, but it’s extraordinary strength (treat as combat jumpsuit, but has the style of formal clothing). The web of a void spider is equal to 6D strength to break free as if in a tangler.

Players may note that while the Void Spider does a frightful amount of damage it isn’t overwhelmingly powerful on the individual basis. This is true, the real danger from void spiders comes in numbers and not finding all the eggs.

The silken asteroids are also home to mynoks, space mites, and space slugs if the void spiders weren’t enough trouble.

Voidspider Silk

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