Trade Goods

Bulk goods for trade


While characters aren’t likely to be traders in this campaign they will occasionally come across trade good or need to acquire goods for the rebellion. This list values everything by tons, volume assumes most cargo vessels have 1 cubic meter available for every ton (a YT-1300 was listed with about a third of this amount).

Commodity Value Per Ton Volume Per Ton
Water 1,000 credits 1 cm
Gold 140,000 credits 0.05 cm
Silver 20,000 credits 0.1 cm
Spice (general drugs) 35,000 credits 2 cm
Bacta 100,000 credits 1 cm
Medicines (general supplies) 10,000 credits 2 cm
Electronics 10,000 credits 2 cm
Machinery 4,000 credits 1 cm
Tools or Parts 3,000 credits 1 cm
Industrial Metals 2,000 credits 0.5 cm
Minerals 1,500 credits 1 cm
Raw Ore 1,000 credits 2 cm
Grains 2,000 credits 5 cm
Fruit and Vegetable 3,000 credits 3 cm
Meats 5,000 credits 2 cm
Processed Food 3,000 credits 1 cm
Weapons 75,000 credits 2 cm
Munitions 100,000 credits 2 cm
Vehicles 4,000 credits 2 cm
Droids 20,000 credits 4 cm
Textiles 10,000 credits 10 cm
Livestock 2,500 credits 3 cm

Supply and demand factors impact trade bargaining based upon whether the planet in question has the good in abundance or short supply. Bargain modifier gives the advantage to the person working from a position of advantage. The difficulty to find a buyer or seller represents a day of effort in a given week, trying to find a second buyer/dealer in the same week adds 5 to the difficulty (after a week it can be assumed new people have become available).

Supply Bargain Modifier Finding a Buyer Finding a Seller
Very Low 10 to seller 25 5
Low 5 to seller 20 10
Standard no modifier 15 15
High 5 to buyer 10 20
Very High 10 to buyer 5 25

The roll to find a buyer or seller can be different skills depending on what is sought.

Goods which are illegal add 10 to the difficulty to find a buyer or seller and give the seller another 10 point advantage (Black Market). Goods which are believed to be stolen add 5 to difficulty to find a buyer or seller unless also illegal and give the buyer a 5 point advantage if not illegal (Gray Market).

Volume sales tend to favor the buyer. A character wishing to make a bulk purchase or sell a bulk lot of merchandise will gain or grant a modifier as shown below.

Lots of 10 or more: 1D bonus to purchaser’s bargain roll.
Lots of 100 or more: 2D bonus to purchaser’s bargain roll.
Lots of 1,000 or more: 3D bonus to purchaser’s bargain roll.

Standard Merchants

Merchants buy and sell for a living, but unless they are dealing with high end items the amount of haggling skill needed is not great. As a general rule when haggling is appropriate the asking price is 3 times the standard cost, in areas where haggling isn’t allowed prices should be set by GM (usually list price if not restricted).

For those who deal in large volumes use the value of their normal volume sale (a supplier of power packs is only selling a 25 credit item, but if they normally sell in lots of 1,000 to mercenary companies they deal in 25,000 credit deals).

Normal Sales Volume Average Bargaining Skill
100 credits or less 3D
1,000 credits or less 4D
10,000 credits or less 5D
100,000 credits or less 6D
1,000,000 credits or less 7D
10,000,000 credits or less 8D
Over 10 million 9D

Variable skill – the GM can use the average skill level or roll for random variation using 1D6 to determin actual skill level.

1: Below average by 1D
2-4: Average Skill
5: Above Average by 1D
6: Above Average by 1D6 more dice


Bargaining Results:

Seller beats Buyer by 21 or more = 300% (full asking price)
Seller beats Buyer by 16-20 = 200%
Seller beats Buyer by 11-15 = 150%
Seller beats Buyer by 6-10 = 125%
Seller beats buyer by 3-5 = 110%
Within 2 either way = 100% (standard list price)
Buyer beats Seller by 3-5 = 90%
Buyer beats Seller by 6-10 = 80%
Buyer beats Seller by 11-15 = 70%
Buyer beats Seller by 16-20 = 60%
Buyer beats Seller by 21 or more = 50% (lowest acceptable offer)

Trade Goods

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