Stacking Explosives (Combined Actions)

Increasing beyond Quad Mounts


Characters often want to stack explosive devices in great numbers to get massive explosions. The results of simply adding the number of explosives and multiplying the damage quickly gets out of hand and doesn’t realistically follow explosives behavior. Using the combined action rules gives a rule which plays well to dramatic and realistic representations.

A character setting explosives makes a demolition check to combine the explosive effect (they can also add up to 3 additional dice of jury rig regardless of explosives amount). If successful they get the combined result desired, if unsuccessful they get the highest result their roll would have allowed (characters do not know if they made or failed this roll).

Number of Units Difficulty of Roll Dice Addition Radius Increase
2 Easy (10) 1D 1 meter
4 Moderate (15) 2D 2 meter
6 Moderate (15) 3D 3 meter
10 Difficult (20) 4D 4 meter
15 Difficult (20) 5D 5 meter
25 Difficult (20) 6D 6 meter
40 Very Difficult (25) 7D 7 meter
60 Very Difficult (25) 8D 8 meter
100 Very Difficult (25) 9D 9 meter
150 or more Heroic (30) 10D 10 meter

If the original explosion had no blast radius assume a 1 meter base.


The chart for difficulty is the same for getting skill bonuses for commanding multiple troops/workers to combine efforts on a project (assumes the workers have the same average skill and difficulty is based on Command skill).

Stacking Explosives (Combined Actions)

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