Material Processing System


Processing is taking a raw material and making it one step closer to a final product. There are different types for different materials.

Food Processors turn Meat, Grain, and Vegetables into processed foods (a standard mix is 1 ton of meat, 2 tons of vegatable, 1 ton of fruit, and 6 tons of grain for 10 tons of processed food – there is generally very little waste). Food processors don’t need to be reset for different food sources since they are made to mix them together.

Butchery Processors can be used to convert livestock into meat and mineral byproducts generally 3 tons of livestock yield 1 ton of meat, 1 ton of minerals, and 1 ton of growth chemicals to be used in farming). A butchery can only handle one type of livestock at a time but can be reset to handle a different type.

Ore Processors can be used to turn or into ore into metals or minerals depending on the type of ore. Rates can be as high as 2 tons of mineral per 3 tons of ore for common minerals, generally 1 ton of industrial metal can be gleaned from 2 tons of ore while only 1 ton of precious metals can generally be found in 10 tons of the appropriate ore. An ore processor can only work one type of ore at a time, but can be reset to work with a different ore.

Fabrication Processors can be used to make tools, machinery, electronics, munitions, and parts from industrial metals and minerals. The mix of metals and minerals will vary by what is being made, but there is generally no loss, so 1 ton of mineral and 4 tons of industrial metals would give 5 tons of parts. A fabrication processor must be designated to make one type of product (Tools, Machinery, Electronics, Munitions, or Parts) and can be reset to make different items in the same category (a tool processor could be changed from making vehicle tool kits to making weapon tool kits).

Assembly Processors use parts, electronics, and machinery to construct vehicles, weapons, droids, and other finished products. As with fabrication processors there is generally no waste. Assembly processors are more particular than other types and must be made to handle a subcategory and reset to make specific models (a 5th degree droid processing plant could make a variety of 5th degree droids, but would not make 1st degree droids and a speeder bike processing plant wouldn’t be useful for making walkers or skiffs).

Machine Reset is used when the type of process is changed. A processing kit takes an hour to change over, a processing shop requires a day to change over, a processing plant takes a week to change over.


Processing Classes:

Kit (500 credits)
This easily moved (20 kg) set is the minimal tools to do the work. A worker with a kit can process 10 credits of finished material per day of work (it would take 3 days to make a recording rod from 15 credits in parts, not really a get rich quick scheme).

Shop (5,000 credits)
This more substantial (2 ton) set up allows up to 100 credits of production per day ( a shop could make a blast vest every 3 days with 150 credits in materials).

Plant (50,000 credits)
This elaborate factory (200 tons) allows up to 1,000 credits of production per day (a single line plant could turn out a blaster rifle in 1 day using 500 credits in parts).

Large corporations often have many plants operating in close proximity so massive orders of raw and finished goods can be moved by cargo haulers without traveling from one place to another.

Double Shifts
Even a droid can only work so long continuously without making errors, but any processor can be worked in 2 shifts if 2 workers or droids are available to do the work. This doubles production rates although 1 jury rig die should be rolled per week of double production since the machines are never down for maintenance (shutting a machine down for maintenance one out of every 10 production runs will eliminate this risk).

A broken machine generally takes a set up period of time and 10% of the machine’s original cost in parts to get up and running again from a breakdown due to overuse or neglect (damage inflicted by other causes may require more work to fix).


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