Phoenix Fleet - K'kayeh Dragon Squadron

Special Missions Squadron


The Squad formerly known as Vlakas Viaios has expanded to a small squadron and after taking out a K’kayeh Dragon on Almas became the K’kayeh Dragon Squadron.

CR-90 Corvette – Liberator

Picket Line:
C70 Charger Cruiser – Salvager

CE-2 Transport – Precursor

9 Humans
Stephan LaFleur
Platt Okeefe
Jenssi Madak
Cadan Tacem
Feela Baaksob
Hoola Zhalto
Garan Keeg

2 Meri

1 Gamorean

4 Twi’Leks:

4 Sullustans
Garr Nian
Jae Neb
Dua An
An Yovv

4 Talz
Acog Tetsu
Mado Takkoo
Omik Soammu
Feevo Takka

1 Noehon

47 Ugor

23 Squib


The group’s primary base of operations is currently onDarlyn Boda where several members own property and there are 5 hidden bases spread across the planet.

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-34 is the most remote and secret with only a half dozen team members knowing it is on Darlyn Boda and less knowing the exact location. It is about 10,000 km from Boda City and has no outside structures or farms to give away the location – even advanced sensors would be seriously challenged to locate it.

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-26 is a secure meeting facility and safehouse for senior officers in the fleet. It also lacks and external activity.

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-25 is a heavily fortified secret base, not as well hidden as others due to the powerful defenses, but extremely well defended from assault. It’s location is “Kept Secret” but due to the number of visitors it is unlikely to remain a true secret. BD-25 is used to deliver fighters to the rebellion by having pilots dropped at the location after a batch of new fighters have been delivered from elsewhere (currently BD-34).

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-20 is located near a farming city called Darlyn Lake Village and serves as a community support (primarily medical care) and recruiting base.

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-17 is located near Boda City and used as a base for locals to eavesdrop on local chatter and pick up stray recruits, though not an active recruitment center.

Phoenix Fleet - K'kayeh Dragon Squadron

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