Phoenix Fleet

Rebel Starfleet


While generally no match for the might of the Empire the Phoenix Fleet is considerable in size and fanaticism. The original Phoenix Squadron of 5 ships with 4 fighters and 1,250 men has swelled to 1,457 capital ships, with 33,322 support vessels, and 10,633 fighters although only 18,369 organic personnel.

The presence of such a large fleet accelerated timelines for the growing resistance and led to the Corellian Treaty being signed at the beginning of 2 BBY. With the official declaration of Rebellion the Phoenix Fleet was asked to travel to Dak in preparation for their declaration of independence from the Empire stopping along the way to pickup refugees from Bestine IV.


Heavy Cruisers
Resurgence Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
50 CC-150 Heavy Frigate

Light Cruisers
404 CR-90 Corvette
400 DP-20 Gunship
300 CR-92 Support Frigate
300 C70 Charger Space Cruiser

Medium Transports
Gallofree Medium Transport
Loronar Medium Transport
5,000 CE-2 Transport
500 Star Shuttle

Bulk Freighters
2 Action IV Transport
100 Action VI transport

Light Freighters
2,000 Raptor shutle
10 Concep Rapid Transport
250 Maccrow Freighter
250 YT-1930 Transport
1,200 YZ-900 Transport
1,000 Defender Transport

19 Sorosuub Luxury 5000

800 Vanguard Gunship

Unmanned Ships:
19,175 Ycaqt Droid Freighter
3,010 YQ-400 Droid Patrol Ship

20 Koensayr Y-Wing Courier
4,000 Koensayr Y-Wing Longprobe
6,000 Koensayr Y-Wing Bomber
Manta Fighter
12 Z-95 MK-7
600 Sorosuub Guntugs

K’Kayeh Dragon Squadron (Formerly Vlakas Viaios )

Phoenix Fleet

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