Mine Claim

Ore supply point


Mines are similar to farms in many ways as they are used to generate a natural resource, unlike farms most mines have a limited lifespan before becoming played out and no longer producing anything of value.

Mines can be worked by more than one worker allowing them to produce their total value faster. Miners roll against Planets: Mining to determine the tons of quality ore they can produce in a year (they will generally remove hundreds of tons of other material in the same time).

It is a Very-Easy (5) roll to get a quarter ton of ore from a mine (under very easy is no ore produced)

An Easy (10) roll will produce half of a ton

A Moderate (15) roll will yield 1 ton

A difficult (20) roll will yield 1 and 1/2 tons

A very difficult (25) will yield 2 tons

A heroic (30) will yield 2 and 1/2 tons

Every 5 points beyond heroic will increase yield by a half ton.

Improvised tools give a -1D to mining checks.
Standard mining tools (200 credits, 10 KG) give no modifiers
Improved mining tools (500 credits, 25 KG) give a 1D bonus.
Advanced mining tools (5,000 credits, 500 KG) gives a 2D bonus.
Mining facility (50,000 credits, 5 tons) gives a 3D bonus.

Blasting (100 credits per D) can give a 1D to 3D bonus but counts as jury rig and will cost all progress on a critical failure.

A note on yields the rates are for 1 worker spending a year so 12 workers would get the same results in a month or 52 workers would get the result in a week. This would explain the popularity of large slave work forces (or droids for the more discriminating).


An ore scanner (4,800 credits) can determine the size of a claim within 2 km of the surface.

Random claim discoveries can be determined by a random roll;

Ore Type;
1; Filler Materials (value as ore without processing; oil or natural gas)
2-3; Industrial Minerals
4-5; Industrial Metals
6; Special Materials (roll below)

Special Materials;
1; medicinal chemicals (processes to generic medicines)
2; explosive chemicals (processes to munitions)
3; pharmaceutical chemicals (processes to Spice)
4; silver
5; gold
6; gems (roll below)

1; common gems (10 credits each; 1,000 per ton of ore)
2; common gems (20 credits each; 1,000 per ton of ore)
3; common gems (30 credits each; 1,000 per ton of ore)
4; common gems (40 credits each; 1,000 per ton of ore)
5; common gems (50 credits each; 1,000 per ton of ore)
6; Special Gems (roll below)

Special Gems;
1; semi-exotics (500 credits each; 100 per ton)
2; semi-exotics (1,000 credits each; 100 per ton)
3; semi-exotics (1,500 credits each; 100 per ton)
4; Exotic (5,000 credits each; 10 per ton)
5; Exotic (10,000 credits each; 10 per ton)
6; Exotic (15,000 credits each, 10 per ton)

Force Page has some examples of what exotic stones might provide for player characters (bottom section of page).

Mine Yield (tons of ore);
1: 1d6 tons
2: 5d6 tons
3: 1d6 x10 tons
4: 5d6 x10 tons
5: 1d6 x100 tons
6: roll below (high yield mines)

High Yield Mines (tons of Ore)
1: 1d6 x 1,000 tons
2: 1d6 x 10,000 tons
3: 1d6 x 100,000 tons
4: 1d6 x 1 million tons
5: 1d6 x 10 million tons
6: 1d6 x 100 million tons

Characters finding (or buying) a mine may never be able to realize the profit as claim jumping is a popular passtime and many claim jumpers such a IML are backed by the Empire.

Mine Claim

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