Machi Neural Helmets

Neural Interface Control System


Neural Helmets are used by military forces in Machi Sector to enhance control of their battlemechs and sometimes other war machines. They have the technology for cybernetic control, but often times the helmets are used as they can be passed on to a new user much easier than cybernetics (although cybernetic harvesting is known to occur). Neural Helmets are made by a wide variety of manufacturers, but all function the same. A Neural helmet must be plugged into the device it is interacting with by a thick cable (or multiple smaller cables, but that is impractical).

Neural Helmets come in 4 levels of complexity and act as a combination of the cybernetic systems Display Link, Data Jack, Chip Jack, Smartgun Link, and Vehicle Control Rig.

A Basic Neural Helmet has a rating of 0D adding nothing to piloting and gunnery but having almost no risk of malfunction. 1,000 credits

An Advanced Neural Helmet has a rating of 1D to assist in Maneuverability and targeting but is prone to malfunction (dice count as non-lethal jury rig). 1,500 credits

An Elite Neural Helmet has a rating of 2D to assist in Maneuverability and targeting but is even more touchy than the Advanced Models. 2,000 crddits

A Master Neural Helmet is both the most powerful and the most likely to malfunction providing 3D of jury rig enhancement to Maneuver and targeting rolls. 2,500 credits


While Machi technology doesn’t allow wireless operation of a neural helmet a character with access to cyborg computer links (400 credits needed in helmet and each device or vehicle to be controlled in addition to any scrambling) could make a wireless neural helmet which would have a 1 km range as long as there was no active jamming in the area.

Machi Neural Helmets

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