Loronar Vuzix Smartshades

Optical Enhancements


Loronar Deluxe Smartshades

The smartshades are an option to wearing a HUD visor or helmet with the IFC. The smartshades will also link to a Loronar computer watch (250 cr for a basic model equal to a pocket computer). The integrated features include lowlight vision (lessens darkness penalties by 2D), anti-flare to prevent flash blindness, optical magnification (+2D to search for distances over 50 meters), and the Heads Up Display.

Deluxe model includes integrated comlink, sound amplifier (+2D to audio search checks), Sound damper to prevent deafness, and sound for the computer link.

Basic Set is 1,500 credits

Deluxe set is 2,000 credits


Loronar Vuzix Smartshades

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