Loronar Executive Chronometer

Deluxe Chronometer with many options


Loronar Executive Chronometer

The Executive is a chonometer platform that includes all the functions of a pocket computer and can be upgraded with many additional features. Display can be via link to data device, HUD, or integrated holo-display (500 credits extra).

Basic unit has 0D processor with 5D of internal memory. It can calculate local time on 1,000 time zones simultaneously and has an attractive corrosion resistant casing. Basic model is 250 credits.

Survival feature adds thermometer, altimeter, barometer, gravity sensor, oxigen sensor, toxin sensor, and humidity sensor all for only 100 credits extra.

Storage enhancement increases the internal memory to 8D for only 150 credits more.

Slicer modification enhances the processor to 1D for computer programming for 1,000 credits extra.

Espionage enhancement adds audio recorder, and if wearing Loronar Smartshades a video recorder as well. Stores up to 100 hours of audio or 20 hours of combined video/audio and can be played back if wearing Deluxe Smartshades of the Holodisplay option was also purchased. Espionage feature is only 100 credits.

Comlink feature is 50 credits for a standard 50 KM range unsecured line or 250 credits for the scrambled comlink (Very Difficult to intercept).


Loronar Executive Chronometer

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