Industrial Automaton SN-D1

5th Degree Service Droid


Industrial Automaton SN-D1 Service Droid
Type: Service Droid
Class: 5th Degree
Scale Character
Cost: 1600
Availability: 1
Dexterity 1D: Dodge 4D
Perception 1D:
Strength 1D:
Knowledge 1D: Alien Species 4D, Bureaucracy 3D, Culinary Arts 5D, Cultures 3D, Languages 4D, Massage 5D
Mechanical 1D:
Technical 1D:
Weight: 51kg
Height: 1.6 meters
Move: 10
-Two Humanoid Arms
-Two Humanoid Legs
-Two Human Range Visual Sensors
-Feminine Programming
-Services Database


Description: A new droid to the services arena, the SN-D1 Service Droid adds a certain “softness” to any encounter. Fully equipped to provide massages and great meals, this droid is well worth the cost. As an added bonus Industrial Automaton has incorporated space for addition hardware and software to allow customers the ability to upgrade and customize their service droid.

Industrial Automaton SN-D1

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