Genetic Engineering

Gene Manipulation


Genetic Engineering takes many forms, but in science fiction it is normally assumed to be powerful retroviruses that rewrite the DNA of an already grown being which is the primary form addressed here.

Non-Dice genetic modification generally only require one roll when made and either take or don’t:

Change skin color, hair color, eye color, rate of hair growth or patterns of hair growth, altered body characteristics (size/shape of body parts or overall height and weight). Generally a size change more extreme than half to double makes the organs unstable.

Less Stable genetic modifications require a single die roll each time the new ability is used and include things like ability to breathe a different atmosphere (underwater, methane, and so on).

Diced Modifications are treated like cybernetics with the dice being jury rig (if more than a temporary failure is rolled the character takes a penalty equal to the original bonus until they can receive medical treatment sufficient to reverse or restore the genetic modification).

Genetic modifications typically manifest physically, but with care the changes can be disguised (add 1,000 per die for the process of hiding the modification). Genetic armor and body weapons cannot be hidden while in use (a body weapon might be retractable for another 1,000 per die on top of the disguise cost).

Armor over 1D physical causes DEX penalties.

Movement increases is in steps on the movement grid so a human would go from 10 to 14 to 18 to 21.

No Dice modifications are generally 1,000 credits each

Skill modifications and body weapons or armor are 1,000 per Die

Attribute modifications and movement increases are 5,000 per Die


Modifications to seeds or embyos is only 10% the cost of modifications to adults and if done over several generations the effects can be made more stable.

Growth rates can be increased to a maximum of 6 times the natural rate (often used for cloning purposes, but also useful for crop production, especially when combined with doubling size/weight).

Genetic Engineering

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