Force Powers

List of Standard Powers


The Force is taken as an attribute, but rather than a set skill list each power is developed separately. It costs twice as much to develop a force power as a normal skill unless a teacher is available with that skill at a higher level than the character’s current skill.

Absorb/Dissipate Energy – Reduce energy damage by 3D while maintained; can also be used to dim/cool radiation in the area by up to 3D (blinding light to shadowy or dusk to total darkness).

Accelerate Healing – add 3D to medicine or natural healing rolls while maintained can act as a medpac on an individual but no more than 1/day or injury on the same person

Concentration – add 3D to one skill selected when activated while maintained

Contort/Escape – add 3D to rolls to slip from bonds or through tight spaces

Control Disease – add 3D to medicine or strength roll to overcome disease, can also be used to remove taint and bacteria from food, water, air, and other sources.

Control Pain – lower wound penalties by 3D while maintained

Detoxify Poison – add 3D to medicine or strength roll to overcome poison, can also be used to remove toxins from food, water, atmosphere reducing damage potential by 3D or revitalizing used up air.

Emptiness/Rage – add 3D to other force power rolls while maintained

Enhance Attribute – add 3D to selected attribute while maintained

Force of Will – add 3D to resistance rolls for influence can be used on others to bolster their resistance

Hibernation Trance – state uses 1/10 the life support normal or extends time for wound/disease progression by 10 times

Instinctive Astrogation – add 3D to navigation checks

Reduce Injury/Transfer Force – reduce injury 1 level for 1 force point

Remain Conscious/Resist Stun/Awaken – Stay awake while incapacitated as long as maintained and/or lower stun penalties by 3D, can be used to revive others also

Remove Fatigue – go without rest as long as maintained or use to remove up to 3D in fatigue penalties.

Short-Term Memory Enhancement – add 3D to rolls to recall specific details, generally boosts any knowledge roll when only information or procedure is desired

Beast Languages/Translation – add 3D to languages when trying to communicate or calm animals, can also be used to drive unwanted pests from area

Combat Sense – add 3D to initiative and attack/defense rolls

Life Detection/sense/web – add 3D to search to identify/locate lifeforms

Magnify/Merge Senses – add 3D to search for normal sense or 3D to search to overcome penalties for darkness/smoke/water, etc

Postcognition – add 3D to search to determine past events in area

Predict Natural Disaster/Weather Sense – add 3D to Planets to determine impending disaster or weather patterns

Telepathy – add 3D to communications to communicate without speaking or perception skills to pick up errant thoughts

Sense Force/Sense Path – add 3D to Medicine or Planets to determine force energy levels and if they are dark or light energy

Light/Dark Side Web – Raise or Lower target’s force ability by 3D while maintained

Telekinesis – Adds 3D to remote lifting or can do 3D damage (per round if maintained)

Farseeing/Danger Sense – Adds 3D to search to determine future of individuals or impeding dangers to self and others

Lightsaber Combat – Adds 3D to lightsaber skill and damage while maintained

Electronic Manipulation/Force Lightening – Adds 3D to programming, does up to 3D damage, may be maintained, and can be used to recharge energy cells.

Affect Mind/Control Emotion – Adds 3D to manipulation skills such as con, command, and persuasion (can also assist with Bureaucracy and streetwise for manipulation of contacts but not knowledge).

Enhance Coordination – Adds 3D to 3 skills for allies (must be the same for all allies and come from Dex, Mec, and Str skills)

New Powers/Spells

Force Bolt/force push – direct attack causes 3D damage

Sleep/stun – direct attack causes 3D stun damage, may be maintained to push subject into unconsciousness

Clairvoyance – allows a search roll at 3D in a remote location

Locate Item – gives a 3D bonus to search when trying to locate something

Invisibility – gives a 3D bonus to hide/sneak

Barrier/Shield – creates a barrier with a Body Strength of 3D character scale

Burn/Freeze – heat or cool target enough to do up to 3D damage – can be maintained to freeze or ignite larger objects can also be used to extinguish fires

Analyze Device – adds 3D to repair rolls to understand/fix machine touched (or demolitions if item in question is a bomb).

Summon/Control Entities – gives a 3D bonus to rolls to influence force entities

Weather Control – manipulate weather conditions in local area; may attempt to damage an individual (3D lethal or stun) or knock and individual down (3D opposed to target strength).

Plant Manipulation – cause plants to entangle (giving 3D cover or impedance) or to accelerate plant growth or health.

Calling Upon The Dark Side

When desperate a character may opt to call upon the forces of the dark side channeling their anger, grief, greed, or frustration into additional force power. The effect is to gain 3D to the force attribute which are all jury rig dice and to be able to use powers by default at the current attribute level. If a minor jury rig failure happens the power is lost and the character takes a 1D penalty to all actions for the next hour. If a critical jury rig failure occures the dark side exacts a more serious toll and the character loses 1D from an attribute permanently (can be force or one of the regular 6 attributes, but if an attribute drops to 0 they become paralyzed or die).


Force Crystals, Talismans, and Holocrons:

Typical cost for a force device is 5,000 and up.

A holocron cannot use force powers, but can be used to teach force powers. Generally a holocron has some dissertation on philosophy and may include a test to access it. The educational portion allows it to act as a teacher for one or more force powers contained within (as little as 5D to as high as the creator). Cost is usually 1,000 credits per die of skill(s) contained within the holocron and the trade of them is illegal (the Empire seizes all those found for the Emperor’s personal collection).

A talisman generally acts similar to a maintained power but may vary from 1D to 3D in ability and all dice from the talisman are considered jury rig dice. A talisman may simulate a specific power or simple add to a skill or attribute. Talismans generally cost 5,000 per die of bonus they add, but may cost more.

Among the most tempting Talismans are the shielding talisman (absorbs 1D to 3D energy damage per attack – if it breaks or is lost lower the individuals Strength score by talisman rating for 1 week – if it becomes 0 the subject dies).

The other most prized talisman is the concentration talisman which increases the Force ability by 1D to 3D (if it breaks or is lost force ability is lowered by the rating of the talisman for 1 week – if force ability becomes zero connection to the force is lost permanently). Still 5,000 per D.

Crystals are similar to Talismans but may occur naturally in come places. Many can be used to enhance the performance of a lightsaber or possibly other weapons (count as jury rig). Some also can be kept as personal foci to enhance force ability or even attributes (still counts as jury-rig). Crystal foci generally cost 5,000 per die like talismans while those that only enhance the weapon they are installed in may be found for 500 credits per die.

Life Crystals are foci that add to attributes; each adds 1D but multiple crystals can be owned carried (must be kept in a pocket on person for a week before it starts working and no more than 1D can be gained in any one attribute). If the crystal is lost or breaks the owner takes a penalty of 1D to the attribute for the next week. (5,000 each)

Lightsaber Crystals come in a wide variety and may add 1D to 3D to damage and/or 1D to 3D to lightsaber skill. Some add other benefits such as the Kaibur crystal regarded as the most powerful which adds to the lightsaber force power as well as the lightsaber skill and damage (3D to all three making them 4,500 per crystal) and the Stygian crystal which adds nothing to damage or skill but makes the lightsaber silent and adds 1D to 3D to the user’s Hide/Sneak while wielding the lightsaber. (500 per D)

Void Stones are often carried by non-force sensitives as it lowers the user’s force ability by 1D to 3D, but also reduces the skill of anyone attempting to use the force on or to detect the wielder by the same amount. If it breaks or is lost the owner becomes the same amount easier to influence and detect via the force for a week. (5,000 per D)

Force Philosophy

Classic Star Wars titles are Light Side/Jedi and Dark Side/Sith. Alternate philosophies exist as do alternate names for the main philosophies with the titles Pesegamite (dark side) and Tythonese (light side) used in Machi Sector where they are considered competing religious views of the same origin in much the same way Christianity, Judism, and Muslim religions are on Earth.

Force Powers

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