Crop production property


The nature of a farm varies considerably from one planet to another, and a single unit of farmland can be from a single acre of amazingly rich soil to a thousand acres of desolate grazing land.

A single farm lot is worth 5,000 credits and can be worked by a single person or droid. A plantation is 10 farm lots and costs 50,000 credits. Especially large estates may actually be made up of multiple plantations.

Each Farm lot require a year of attention from a farmer to produce a crop. After a year is passed a roll against Aliens/Planets: Agriculture specialization determines the yield in tons of produce/livestock. If a single farmer is working multiple lots they take a 1D multi-action penalty to each lot under their care.

It is a Very-Easy (5) roll to get a quarter ton of produce from a farm (under very easy is a total loss)

An Easy (10) roll will produce half of a ton

A Moderate (15) roll will yield 1 ton

A difficult (20) roll will yield 1 and 1/2 tons

A very difficult (25) will yield 2 tons

A heroic (30) will yield 2 and 1/2 tons

Every 5 points beyond heroic will increase yield by a half ton.

On subsistence farms a person consumes a quarter ton of produce if living poorly or a half ton of produce if living well.


The implements available will make a difference as well;

Improvised tools gives a 1D penalty.

Standard Farm Tools (200 credits, 10 kg) gives no modifier

Exceptional farm tools (500 credits, 25 kg) gives a 1D bonus

Advanced Farm Equipment (5,000 credits, 500 kg) gives a 2D bonus

Farm Facility (50,000 credits, 5 tons) gives a 3D bonus.

Farm tools may be shared among up to 10 lots, but each lot beyond 10 lowers the quality by a level to a minimum of Improvised.

Chemical treatments cost 100 credits per lot per level of treatment (1D, 2D, or 3D) but count as jury rig and on a catestrophic failure destroy all the crops regardless of roll results.

Genetically altered crops/livestock can also be purchased with 1D to 3D of size alteration for larger final size and 1D to 3D of rapid growth. A complication on a genetic die results in crops being unusable. Each 1D of genetic modification costs 1,000 credits, but remains as long as the farm is producing the same type of crops and may be applied to as many as 10 farm lots per year (New livestock/seed is produced by the old stock).


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