False Identification

Cover Identities


An identichip saying the character is someone else. Expert slicing networks can insert loads of false information if their prices can be met, but sometimes you just need something to get by that half asleep gate guard and it isn’t worth the price for a high end unit.

Identification Level:

Disposable: 100 Credits
Not much work goes into this level, it is easy (10) to see past, but it might get you into a club or even through a routine traffic stop if the guard is apathetic.

Basic: 500 Credits
A little more work went into this, it looks authentic enough to pass most casual inspections but doesn’t have a lot of backup. It is Moderately difficult (15) to detect.

Advanced: 1,000 Credits
This is a convincing identity with a well placed background with plenty of detail. It will survive most background checks making it difficult (20) to detect.

Expert: 5,000 Credits
This is a professional espionage level identity with enough variation to throw off most suspicions making it very difficult (25) to detect.

Master: 10,000 Credits
This represents a paranoid level of detail making it more convincing than a character’s real background. It is only detect by a truly heroic (30) effort.


Characters can make disposable identities on their own using the Security/Forgery skill. A character with a Slicing computer (portable) linked into the local government databanks can make a basic background. Anything more advanced requires an intelligence network with people on the inside to plant the data, so characters will need to use black market, cartel, Imperial, or Rebel contacts to set them up.

False Identification

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