Enhancement Switches

"Safer" Jury-Rigging


Booster Switches;

A Jury Rig modification is dangerous and characters usually don’t need the enhancement all the time, so it might make sense to install the systems with a safety bypass where the character activates a button/switch to go from safe operation to boosted operation.

This shouldn’t be particularly expensive; maybe 100 credits for personal gear and droids per switchable die, 500 for vehicles and cybernetics. It would make the jury rig more time consuming since the original operation must be left intact (perhaps a day per die for personal items and droids, and a week per die for vehicles and cybernetics to make them selective).

Cheap comlinks could be linked into switches (or explosives) for remote activation as well.

Jury Rig Effects
Roll on the appropriate chart when a jury rig die comes up a 1

Non-Lethal Roll Effect
1 Item broken and must be repaired before it can be used
2 Item stops working until hit hard and then works again
3-6 No Problem
Lethal Roll Effect
1 Item backfires doing enhancement in damage to user and is broken
2 Item stops working and must be repaired
3 Item stops working until hit hard and then works again
4-6 No Problem
Vehicular Roll Effect
1 Vehicle loses power and will fall/crash out of control
2 Vehicle bucks violently for 1 round requiring a moderate control roll
3-6 No Problem

A note for speed upgrades; the chart on 165 of the first printing of the second edition rules is used for speed upgrades moving up 1 category per die (3D gives a 25-50% increase in speed usually). Every round of combat maneuvers requires the jury rig dice to be rolled, but for routine operation they only need to be rolled once per trip.

Jack’s Y-Wing goes 7 and is fine for most dogfights, but in a blockade run it would take him 6 rounds to reach the jump point so he has the tech add 3 to his Space cutting the trip to the jump point to 4 rounds, unfortunately the ship is now unreliable so he has it set back to 7, but asks to have an afterburner system installed which can be used in emergencies; this requires 3 weeks and 1,500 credits in new parts. It is still unreliable at high speed, but not during routine operations. (The cost doesn’t include labor and would likely be illegal most places).

Enhancement Switches

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