Elenco Advanced Tool Kits

Tool Kits


Basic Tool Kits are 200 credits and include the tools necessary to perform various jobs minimized as much as possible. A standard tool kit is 10 KG and can be carried in a small case or placed in a tool harness for ease of access. Characters with a tool kit of the appropriate sort take no penalties when making repair rolls (having the wrong kit is a 1D penalty while having no kit is a 3D penalty).

Tool Kits come in the following varieties for the different specializations of Repair;


Tool Kits are also available for Security and Demolitions but no specialization is required in those two kits.

Advanced Tool Kits come in a larger case weigh 25 KG and give a 1D bonus to the appropriate specialty (no better than a standard kit if used for something else) Advanced tool Kits cost 500 Credits and come in the same varieties.

Shop Kits come in large chests (500 KG) giving a 2D bonus with the specialty it is made for and no penalties if used for other specialties since it has most basic tools. Shop kits contain the tools necessary to fix very badly damaged parts and to make custom parts given proper time and materials. Shop Kits cost 5,000 credits.

Facility Kits come in several large chests and include machinery for fabrication work (5 tons) giving a 3D bonus to the specialty and a 1D bonus if used for any other type of repair work. A facility can given time manufacture parts from raw materials, with quality plans or a design to copy a facility could build new equipment. A facility kit is 50,000 credits.


Elenco is far from the only manufacturer, but is known for quality and a wide reach in the galactic market making replacement tools easy to find if part of a set is damaged or lost.

Elenco Advanced Tool Kits

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