Mechanical servants


Droids have 1D for every attribute (as in 1st edition). Skills are limited to 10D maximum including bonuses.

A droid may be built to resist more damage by adding Body (like a vehicle) or Armor (treated as normal armor)

Standard droids don’t exceed 6D in skills, but some expert models go as high as 10D in a single knowledge or technical skill (such as a 3PO and 2-1B).

For droids from various Star Wars sources leave skills as listed, but drop attributes to 1D.

If a player wants a droid with a skill set not listed let them design it following the guidelines below (droids from published sources may not follow these guidelines);

All attributes 1D and Mov 5 base
Add 18D of skills or attachments

1st Degree: any droid with an advanced technical skill (7D or more) must be from this class they cost 5,000 credits.

2nd Degree: droids with technical skills in the standard range (6D or less) can be in this category and cost 4,000 credits.

3rd Degree: droids made to interact with organics are from this category and may have 1 advanced skill (7D or more) from the Knowledge category.

4th Degree: droids in this category are the only ones allowed to have weapon skills and lack the life protection programming, they are often illegal for private ownership and are also most likely to go rogue. They cost 3,000 credits.

5th Degree: droids in this category may not have any skills above 4D except lifting which may go as high as 10D. They cost 1,000 credits.

Each pip used for movement increases Move by 1 step on the move chart (1D is 3 pips or enough to raise move to 10) 1D will convert movement to repulsorlift with 10 meter ceiling.

1D of skill will buy 1D or Armor or a 1D shield generator but the droid must be 4th degree.

Sensors and attachments cost 1D per “D” of bonus and may add up to 2D to a skill (generally Search or Lifting).

Used droids cost 1/2 as much as new droids, but count as jury rigged until they have a complete overhaul (generally bringing them up to new cost).


Jury Rigging Droids;

Jury Rigging rules work normally for droids with a few notes worth making – Droids can have a skill boosted allowing high but dangerous performance levels. If a new skill is added the droid didn’t have before the limit is 4D (attribute and 3D jury rig), adding weapon skills to non-combat droids count as lethal jury rigs.

New equipment without a dice code counts as jury rigged requiring one die to be rolled for each activation of the equipment. New equipment with a die code stacks with other boosts but added dice are considered jury-rig also, no droid skill can ever exceed 10D total with all bonuses those listed with more can be assumed to be incorrect or myths.


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