Deflector Shields

Protective Force Fields


Deflector Shields are a common defense on starfighters and larger craft, but less common on lighter vehicles and rarely used on personnel although the droideka were sometimes equipped with shield generators.

Starfighter Shields
Light (1D): 4,000 credits and 6 tons
Medium (2D): 10,000 credits and 8 tons
Heavy (3D): 20,000 credits and 10 tons

Walker Scale (not listed, but can be extracted from examples)
Light (1D): 1,000 credits and 2 tons
Medium (2D): 2,000 credits and 4 tons
Heavy (3D): 4,000 credits and 6 tons

Speeder Scale
Light (1D): 500 credits and 500 kilorams
Medium (2D): 750 credits and 1 ton
Heavy (3D): 1,000 credits and 2 tons

Character Scale (not listed, but assumed)
Light (1D): 250 credits and 100 kilograms
Medium (2D): 375 credits and 250 kilograms
Heavy (3D): 500 credits and 500 kilograms

This would make the reason for not having personal shields a simple matter of mobility, even the lightest shield at 100 kilograms is significantly more than a soldier with pack, armor, and weapon so certainly not worth the trade off. The same could be said for scouting vehicles (a sidecar could carry a light shied generator but only by sacrificing speed and maneuverability).


Deflector Shields

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