Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-26

Secret Base


Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-26:
Highly Secret Base, Known to PCs, select officers, and jedi

10 Phoenix Crates
10 Phoenix Starter Package
10 Espionage Droid
10 SB-20 Slicer Droid
10 TS-Arach Pest Control Droid
10 Fly Eye Droid
10 GRD-2 Droid
10 MEMD-2 Mining Droid
1 SN-D1 Service Droid
1 SE4 Servant Droid
1 robobartender
1 AC-1 Surveillance Droid
1 Robovalet
2 Fresher Booths
2 Med Units
2 2-1B Medical Droid
30 Facility Life Support
2 Facility Airlock


This is a small base only designed to hold around 30 people for classified meetings too sensitive to be held elsewhere or for a small group that needs to remain out of contact for a while. Once the outer airlocks are sealed and the life support engaged it is very effectively cut off from the outside world and very difficult to detect with sensors even when looking in the right area.

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-26

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