Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-20

Secret Base


Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-20:
Semi-Secret Base, Known to local sympathizers

10 Phoenix Crates
10 Phoenix Starter Package
2 Espionage Droid
3 TS-Arach Pest Control Droid
5 GRD-2 Droid
2 V5-T Repulsor Cargo Droid
1 MEMD Mining Droid
10 DUM Pit Droids
10 Wanderer Scout Droids
1 SN-D1 Service Droid
1 SE4 Servant Droid
32 Agribot mark 1 farm droid
2 F1 Scout Droid
1 F2 Scout Droid
1 GV Guard Dog Droid
1 Fresher Booth
1 Med Unit
1 2-1B Medical Droid


This recruiting base is locate 50 km outside Darlyn Lake Village (which has grown into a city of 1.9 million residents even though it is still named village) which sits on a massive steaming lake and extremely fertile but wet farmlands (steaming hot rice paddy).

The base is used by a small rebel cell that does a combination of charity work and recruiting. They operate a clinic that accepts food and labor in exchange for medical care and medicines and offers able bodied locals a chance to join the rebellion (the Empire isn’t much of a motive on Darlyn Boda, but sometimes the promise of food, money, and leaving Darlyn Boda is enough incentive).

The base also operates 128 farm lots using aggressive growing techniques to yield 265 tons of food, medicine, and textiles for the rebellion per year. It isn’t a massive amount, but is small enough to generally avoid Imperial attention and enough small farming operations together yield large amounts.

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-20

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