Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-17

Secret Base


Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-17:
Semi-Secret Base, Known to local sympathizers

10 Phoenix Crates
10 Phoenix Starter Package
2 Espionage Droid
3 TS-Arach Pest Control Droid
5 GRD-2 Droid
2 V5-T Repulsor Cargo Droid
1 MEMD-2 Mining Droid
10 DUM Pit Droids
10 Wanderer Scout Droids
1 SN-D1 Service Droid
1 SE4 Servant Droid
30 RH Farm Droid
2 F1 Scout Droid
1 F2 Scout Droid
1 GV Guard Dog Droid
1 Fresher Booth
1 Med Unit
1 2-1B Medical Droid
3 farm Facilities (outside base)


This base is only 50 km from Boda City, the main city on Darlyn Boda and where the Imperial Presence is strongest making it a high risk location if the Empire ever cracks down on the system. It used by a local cell as a meeting place and recruiting center. The local cells are relatively passive in recruiting to avoid Imperial attention, but also to avoid crossing the crime syndicates operating in the area who recruit from the same pools.

In spite of the lower recruiting efforts it yields more recruits since many down on their luck smugglers and pirates who end up on Darlyn Boda blame the Empire for their situation and some would rather join the rebellion than work for one of the syndicates (they figure they can leave the rebellion later and might not have that option with the syndicates).

The base operates three plantations close to the base providing secret entrances away from the waterfall itself. While smaller than the other growing operations they run many droids and the constant attendance yields more tonnage per acre (the thirty plots yield 110 tons per year).

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-17

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