Darlyn Boda

Backwater criminal planet


Darlyn Boda is a criminal trading planet and shadowport originally settled by the Galactic Republic, in the distant Darlyn Boda system of the Anoat sector, located at the far end of the Corellian Trade Spine in the Outer Rim Territories. Darlyn Boda is a lawless world complementing perfectly the Greater Javin region in which it rests, an area of space negatively publicized for its pirate activity. Although Darlyn Boda fell under Imperial control, the planet plays host to a number of groups, including the Black Sun syndicate, the Ivax Syndicate, the Trade Spine League, and the Bounty Hunters’ Guild.

Known for its vast, thick jungles, bubbling mud pits, clouds of hanging steam, an impressively humid, rainy climate, and shadowy cities, Darlyn Boda is a lawless world where money reigns supreme, a policy which has made Imperial Governor Kass a very wealthy man. Still, violence is considered a last resort for dealings gone awry and bribery is the preferred deal whether to the Imperial troops or the local gangs everyone is making payoffs constantly. The planet itself has a standard day of twenty-four standard hours and a year lasting 503 local days. There is very little seasonal variation, but weather can go from sun to steam to rain all within a single hour and thunderstorms are also common (although the extreme moisture makes wildfires unheard of). Daytime temperatures often hit 50 degrees celcius (120 fahrenheit) and nighttime temperatures rarely drop below 27 (80). Humidity ranges from 80% to 100% with constant mists, although there are magnificent rainbows visible in most ares for the few hours a day when there is sunlight without the steam banks. While geothermal activity is more abundant than most planets there are few active volcanoes as most of the geothermal heat comes to the surface as geysers, hot springs, and boiling mud pits.

Naturally with a hot and moist climate comes tropical disease, bacteria, and pestilence. Those who are wealthy enough can escape many of the harsher aspects of the climate but disease is rampant among the poor and even within the cities there are clouds of insects, reptiles, and rodents everywhere. Animal excluders will keep them at bay, but masses of them will still be visible just out side the barrier.

The toccat, a beast with four hooves, a long, pink snout, a barrel-shaped body, and black, bristled hair, was native to the deepest thickets of Darlyn Boda’s tangled jungles. The planet’s local haruspexes used the toccat in their fortune-telling business. The price for captive toccats was exorbitant. Local cooking tends to be heavy in the use of toccat meat, mudfish, and firespice peppers while there is a plethora of other exotic spices and fruit available locally little is ever exported from Darlyn Boda which serves more as a shadowport for pirates and other criminals.

The main starport and only Imperial presence is at Boda City (Pop. 30 million) while the next most important cities are Sol Negro (Pop. 15 million) run by the Black Sun, and Ivax City (Pop. 5 million) run by the Ivax syndicate. There are numerous lesser cities with populations between 1 and 3 million as well as surrounding villages of 1-10 thousand on average for a total population of 200 million.

The term “Credits Are King” is the motto of Darlyn Boda where anything can be had for a price. The going rate for the Imperial Inspectors to look the other way when a ship lands is 500 credits and is one of the few places where bargaining is frowned upon. The locals rarely resort to violence, but expect to be paid to avoid hassles (about 1% of the value of any major holding per month will provide protection from arson, theft, and vandalism – paid to whichever gang is in charge of the area).

The Ivax Syndicate is a secretive criminal enterprise, led by Voras the Hutt, that operates in the Ivax Nebula, its namesake, and everywhere within the Anoat sector. Though publicly known to take part in underground gambling, racing, and blood sports, its true power lay in its extensive influence throughout the entire Anoat sector.

The Trade Spine League is an organization that consists of both smugglers and freelance mercenaries who value having independence and personal freedom. It operates out of the Anoat sector as both a union and a privateer network. Trade Spine Leaguers are known for their skill at tinkering ship engines, and can be impressed by pilots capable of outflying them.

The Black Sun is a galaxy wide syndicate operating in all manner of crime although the local leader, Commisar “Black Jack” Mavros is mostly a pirate who also acts as the mayor of Sol Negro city. The extensive network the Black Sun provides makes it much easier for Black Jack’s organization to move bulk merchandise to off world markets.


Nearly anything can be found on Darlyn Boda for a price. One of the best sources of information, including where to buy things in Pepper’s Pax.

The first thing when arriving at Darlyn Boda would be a customs inspection; note that the officials don’t want to do a customs inspection and will slap a clear sticker on any ship whose captain pays them a 500 credit waver fee (note those that don’t or pay less will find there always something wrong requiring a 500 credit fine and confiscation of anything the officer finds interesting for the trouble of having to do a search).

Next will be docking fees, 150 credits per day for starfighter scale ships and 300 credits per day for capital ships (unlike the customs bribe this fee is negotiable – assume 4D bargain and base price of 50 for starfighter and 100 for capital).

Then there is restocking; if waived the crew expects a 150 credit bribe (negotiable – base 50) to not complain to their gang. If accepted it comes in two parts Fueling and Life Support. Fueling is 30 credits/day for fighters, 150 credits/day for freighters, and 600 credits per day for corvettes and large transports (all negotiable – 10, 50, and 200 base). Life support is 30 credits per man-day used (negotiable base 10).

The last fee before getting away from the ship is Insurance (3% of the ship’s new value) good for 1 month of protection. This is negotiable (base 1% of ship’s new value), but if declined it is guaranteed the ship will be subject to theft and vandalism while if marked as being under gang protection the locals will leave it alone.

Once the ship is taken care of the characters can move on. Note that while nearly everyone is armed (at least a vibro-blade or blaster pistol) violence and even violent crimes are uncommon on Darlyn Boda. Theft and Vandalism are more likely and even those are easily avoided by bribing the controlling gang in the area. Those seeking a place to stay can find accommodations ranging from a straw mat under a lean-to for 30 credits a night to a furnished villa for 360 credits a night or something in between (pretty much always negotiable).

Food, Drink, and lodging runs a similar gamut from 3 credit swill to 30 credit a glass exotic imports. Characters looking to stay longer term can get monthly rates with hovels starting at 450 credits a month and villas running around 6000 credits a month (negotiable) and food ranging from 300 credits a month for subsistence to 3,000 or more for dining well (also negotiable).

Those looking to pick up local wares (basically food) don’t need any streetwise rolls and can negotiate with dealers who have an average of 4D with no special bonus or penalty.

Those looking for imported goods (nearly everything) can use streetwise rolls to find goods and will take a ten point slide penalty in negotiations for most things. Difficulty of streetwise varies with what is sought;

Availability value of 1: Very Easy (5)
Availability value of 2: Easy (10)
Availability value of 3: Moderate (15)
Availability value of 4: Difficult (20)

If the roll is made exactly 1 of the desired item is found if the roll is made by 1-4 points add that to the number found. If made by 5 (next category) 10 of the item is found, ind 10 more for each number above that to 4. If the roll is made by 10 (2 categories) then 100 are found and 100 more per point up to the next category. This continues becoming thousands and then ten-thousands as the numbers go up. If lots of 10 or more are found and the character negotiates for the appropriate amount give them the bulk purchase bonus from Trade Goods.

If the availability value is unknown assume common seeming items are Easy and exotic seeming items are Difficult. Ignore legality as this is a pirate port and no one cares.

While fees, restrictions, and illegal goods are treated as unregulated in Darlyn Boda it is possible to get permits and licenses in Darlyn Boda (the real thing and not forgeries) by going to Governor Gralek Kass or more likely one of his subordinates. A permit for a fee rated item is 30% of the new price (negotiable, but minions have a 5D bargain and a 10 point advantage – base price is 10%) while a license for restricted rated item is 300% the item’s new cost (as above with a base of 100%). Kass or his offices will also sell other Imperial documents such as weapon load out permits (90% – base 30%), registrations (3,000 – base 1,000), captain license (900 – base 300), and other paperwork (base price as normal, but starting price triple normal with the usual 10 point advantage and 5D if dealing with a minion). Characters who want bigger favors may need to deal with Kass himself (7D bargain and always has a 10 point advantage, regardless unless dealing with another Imperial official). Kass can take care of things like routine wanted postings (minor infractions may be waved while more serious ones can be arranged by showing the characters were captured, imprisoned, and released after time served as long as they aren’t facing a death sentences). Kass has also been known to part with Imperial gear and information, but in addition to negotiating with Kass himself he must be convinced the items can’t ever come back to hurt him or his cushy operation (most of those who deal with Kass find it in their best interest to protect his position here as well, so this is rarely an issue) In the case where things like uniforms and other common gear is desired use triple the standard prices – note that Kass has no stormtroopers and therefor no stormtrooper gear or armor. Imperial Identification would be 30,000-300,000 (10,000-100,000 base depending on rank and access levels) while transfer orders, request forms, and other documents would be 3,000-30,000 (1,000-10,000 base) for simple common requests or 30,000-3,000,000 for something unusual (10,000-1,000,000 base). Remember Kass doesn’t want to draw attention, so anything too outlandish will simply be refused and the things he will do need to look routine or appear to come from elsewhere.

Information is a prime commodity on Darlyn Boda as well and characters can expect to pay for any information they recieve. Value is based upon how rare the information is;

Trivial (very easy – where can I get authentic Corellian food): 30 credits
Minor (easy – how do I get into the shockboxing tournament): 300 credits
Moderate (moderate – how often do Imperial patrols come through): 3,000 credits
Major (difficult – where is the Assiduous now): 30,000 credits
Unknown (very difficult – what is sarlacc project): 300,000 credits
Impossible (heroic – where is the Death Star being built): 3,000,000 credits

Just because a price is listed doesn’t mean the information is available. As with most things on Darlyn Boda those are asking prices and negotiation is expected. Those with trivial information might only be 4D bargainers while those with higher information will likely have 1D more bargain per level of information – even Kass doesn’t know about things like Sarlacc.

Selling items; a character wanting to find a buyer and sell something doesn’t enjoy the 10 point advantage most local sellers do, but a character who sets up in the market (30 credits a day – negotiable) and waits for a buyer does get the 10 point advantage (may never get a buyer though). Taxes – while there is little enforcement it is expected everyone doing business on Darlyn Boda will pay around a 2% tax (1% to Kass and 1% to whichever gang or syndicate is dominant in the area). Chances are characters selling a couple little items may avoid notice or only get shook down for a few extra credits, but those moving lots of valuables will attract attention much sooner.

BoSS has an office on Darlyn Boda and for a fee (300 credits – base 100) they can not see a ship arriving or leaving the system. For a larger fee (30,000 credits – base 10,000) they can create a registry for a new transponder code – they will usually suggest going to Kass for new Imperial Registry as well to make it all official. The local BoSS agents are 5D negotiators with the usual 10 point advantage for their services.

Consignments are possible for those wanting to get good prices for their wares, but not wanting to wait around. Some pirates do this with especially valuable goods while just selling other items quick. A shop sells an item for the character taking 30% of the final price as their fee for handling the sale. The fee is negotiable (10% base), but the person the character negotiates with will be the same one selling it so a better negotiator may be worth the higher percentage (4LOM put a gem on consignment at Darlyn Boda but it hasn’t sold).

Darlyn Boda

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