Implants and Enhancements



The Cyborg Construct as used by Lobot acts as a portable (same stats as an external portable) with the option to boost KNO and TEC as options (like other cybernetics this will count as jury-rig dice and will add 500 credits per die of boost to the price) Remote links will still cost the same. Portables will cost 1/10 the listed cost in Crackens and so will the borg construct (500 to 6,250).

Computer spikes would be 1% of the list price since they are 1 use only (30-1,500)

Replacement limbs and organs will be the list cost if they have the living synthflesh coating, but only 1/10 if they are the obvious metal/plastic cybernetics or internal organs.

Vessel implant will drop to 500 credits (it’s a mem-stick just under the skin, not even close to super-tech)

Cyborg skill cartridges cost just as much but aren’t considered jury-rigged like other cybernetics.

Cardio-Muscular is 800 per Die of STR (max of 3D) and counts as jury rig improvement.

Rimpak is 700 per Die of DEX (max of 3D) and counts as jury rig improvement.

Motion Interface is 400 per Die of MEC (max of 3D) and counts as jury rig improvement.

HiFold is 400 per Die of PER (max of 3D) and counts as jury rig improvement.

HiSense Eyes are only 100 per die of extra Visual Search and also cancel as many dice of darkness penalties for other actions (not cumulative with the bonus but is with HiFold) as with other cybernetics it counts as jury rig and is limited to 3D (one of the few times a character could end up with 6D of jury rig on a single roll).

Neuro-Shock hand is unnoticeable and adds to brawling damage but all brawling damage from that hand is stun. It costs 300 per die of extra damage, max of 3D and counts as lethal jury rig doing stun damage to the user on a catastrophic failure.

Repulsor Hand is easily noticed and does lethal damage in brawling and the repulsor field can even parry lightsabers. The max bonus damage is 3D and it counts as jury rig, the cost is 300 per die of extra damage.

Implant comlinks have a 1 kilometer range, cost 500 credits but don’t count as jury-rig.

Enhanced Movement cyberlegs add to the character’s Move as if improving the speed of a vehicle for 500 credits per category of increase to 3 maximum.

Characters with cyberlimbs, eyes, and/or ears can also get droid equipment installed at the same cost as installing it in a droid (also counts as jury rig).


Extended Cybernetics
This section introduces cybernetics from Shadowrun/Cyberpunk sources.

Datajack (1D programming bonus – acts as Scomp Link): 100 Credits

Chipjack (No Dice – chips may have dice; runs 1 chip): 100 credits

Sound Damper (No Dice – protects from deafness): 300 credits

Sound Amplifier/Filter (1D to 3D to Search – Audio): 100 credits per D

Flash Compensation (No Dice – protects from flash blindness): 200 credits

Implant Recording Rod (No Dice, record sensory input): 100 credits

Retina Display (1D to 3D to security – retina scanner): 100 credits per D

Implant Grenade (10D to subject, 5D to 3 meter radius): 500 credits

Implant Detonator (20D to subject, 10D to 6 meter radius): 3,000 credits

Display Link (No Dice – displays data in heads up display in eye): 100 credits

Fingertip compartment (No Dice – micro storage under fingernail): 300 credits

Retractable finger razors (STR+1 brawling damage): 100 credits

Retractable forearm claws/Vibro-Razors (STR+1D brawling damage): 300 credits

Retractable Vibro-Forearm Claws (STR+2D brawling damage): 600 credits

Subdermal Smartgun Link (2D bonus with smartlink weapon): 500 credits

Vocal Shift (1D to 3D to Security – Vocal Locks): 100 per D

Subdermal Armor (2 Energy/1D Physical – difficult to notice): 1,000 credits

Air Filtration System (1D to 3D defense vs gasses): 100 credits per D

Blood Filtration (1D to 3D defense vs injected toxins): 100 credits per D

Ingested Filtration (1D to 3D defense vs ingested toxins): 100 credits per D

Increased Cyberlimb Strength (Increases damage done with that limb only 1D to 3D): 100 credits per D (must be full arm/leg for anything but strangling)

Skillwire System (will run 1 augmentation program – no dice without chip): 1,000

Vehicle Control Rig (1D to 3D bonus with smart vehicle controls): 500 per D

Wired Reflexes (1D to 3D bonus to initiative by skill or PER): 1,000 per D

Palm Blaster Mount (requires cyberarm, any holdout weapon can be used): 500 credits

Concealed Holster (requires cyberleg, holds 1 holdout weapon, knife, or grenade): 500 credits

Implant Drug Injector (No Dice – implants drug as needed or desired): 400 credits

Non-Cybernetic Systems for Cybernetics

Smartgun Targeting System: 600 credits

Smart Vehicle control System (Character Scale): 500 credits

Smart Vehicle Control System (Speeder Scale): 1,000 credits

Smart Vehicle Control System (Walker Scale): 2,000 credits

Smart Vehicle Control System (Starfighter Scale): 3,000 credits

Smart vehicle control systems control the vehicle, if link control is desired for the weapons as well they must all be upgraded with smartgun controls. Vehicle control rigs don’t work on Capital and larger scale vehicles.

Skill Enhancement Chips (1D to 3D): 1,000 per D for general, 200 per D for Specialization

Database Chips (No Dice – these contain information/images): 10 credits plus information value.


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