Voras the Hutt

Head of Ivax Syndicate


Voras is a Hutt crime boss and the leader of the Ivax Syndicate, a criminal organization that originated in the Ivax Nebula and is active in the whole Anoat sector. As such, he is a silent partner in a thousand dummy businesses and secretly controlls many dirty deals. He strives to defeat the Galactic Empire and build his own power base which may tempt him to work with rebels although like most Hutts he can never be entirely trusted.

While some hutts such as Jabba like to have humanoid slave girls Voras prefers champions in various competitions as his status symbols as such he keeps a stable of gladiators, racers, pilots and other competitors as slaves or associates. He is involved in all manner of gambling and attends the annual sabacc tournament on Bespine and hosts many races and bloodsports throughout the sector.


Like Most Hutts Voras likes the styling of Ubrikkian Vehicles and he has several sail barges and yachts as well as a small fleet of KDY vessels brought to him by pirates who owed him money over the years. He is realistic enough to know he can’t take the Empire head on, but isn’t above making a troublesome patrol, officer, or bureaucrat disappear. He gets along well with Governor Kass, as do all the criminals since he will look the other way regardless of the crime as long as the credits roll in.

A notable difference from most hutts is that Voras tends to be clean and likes his surroundings the same. His ships and villas look more like Imperial facilities than hutt chambers. The one more hutt like indulgence being the mud pits which he takes great delight in resting in and may invite those he especially prizes to join him in the steaming hot mud pits of Darlyn Boda.

Voras the Hutt

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