Tionese Noble


Vlakas Viaios

Full Name: Spyredon Velentzas Tion (Nonoi Tis Nychtas)

Move: 10 {10-21}

Force Ability: 5D {8D}

Force Points: 3

Character Points: 12

Dodge/Run: 3D {4D-6D} (Balance/Tightrope 4D {5D-7D})
Grenade/Throw: 3D {4D-6D} (Knife, Hand Grenade 4D {5D-7D})
Guns/Blaster: 3D {4D-6D} (Blaster Pistol, Blaster Rifle, Dart Gun, Grenade Launcher, Repeating Blaster, Slugthrower Pistol, Slugthrower Rifle 4D {5D-7D})
Heavy Weapons: 3D {4D-6D} (Missile Launcher 4D {5D-7D})
Melee Weapons: 3D {4D-6D} (Sword, Knife, Lightsaber 4D {5D-7D})

Aliens/Planets: 3D {4D-6D} (Tion, Alderaan, Hapan, Ryloth, Zeltron, Wroonia, Empress Teta, Coruscant, Anaxes, Kuat, Togruta, Mirial, Zabrak, Ithor, Agriculture, Mining, Darlyn Boda, Nar Shaddaa, Dac, Mantooine 4D {5D-7D})
Culture/Bureaucracy: 4D {5D-7D} (Alderaan, Tionese, Fashion, Culinary Arts, Massage, Painting, Sculpture, Winemaking, BoSS, Empire, Hutts, Neimoidian, Ithorian, Zabrak, Ryloth, Hapan, Zeltron, Wrooninan, Mirial, Empress Teta, Togruta, Coruscant, Kuat, Anaxes, Corellia, Rodia, Kashyyk, Sullust, Mantooine, Fest, Zolan, Gamorr, Meri, Bespin, Chandrila, Bothan, Chiss, Trandosha, Malastare, Duro, Geonesea, Kamino, Mandalore, Dhu-Yagga, Nar Shaddaa, Dac, Mantooine 5D)
Language/Communications: 3D {4D-6D} (Gamorean, Huttese, Neimoidian, Tionese, High Galactic, Ithorian, Zabrak, Rylothian/Twi’Lek, Hapan, Zeltron, Wroonian, Mirialan, Comlinks, Holocommunicators, Subspace Radios, Given, Ollys Corellis, Rodese, Shyriiwook, Sullustese, Zolanese, Bocce, Binary, Bothese, Cheunh, Dosh, Dug, Durese, Togruts, Geonosian, Kaminoan, Mando’a, Clawdite, Talz, Sullustese, Ugor, Squib, Mon Cal, Quarren 4D {5D-7D})
Streetwise/Law: 4D {5D-7D} (Black Sun, Hutt Cartels, Imperial Law, Darlyn Boda, Nar Shaddaa, Dac 5D)
Survival/Willpower: 3D {4D-6D} (Space, Urban, Forest, Jungle, Desert, Mountain, Arctic, Swamp, Hunting, Resist Brainwashing, Resist Intimidation, Resist Drugs, Resist Influence 4D {5D-7D})

Drive/Operate: 3D {4D-6D} (Swoop, Speeder Bike, Landspeeder, Speeder Truck, Sail Barge 4D {5D-7D})
Navigation/Astrogation: 3D {4D-6D}
Pilot/Aerospace: 4D {5D-7D} (Light Freighter, Fighter, Airspeeder, Light Cruiser, Medium Transport, Bulk Freighter, Heavy Cruiser 5D {6D-8D})
Ride Creature: 3D {4D-6D} (Horse, Keffis 4D {5D-7D})
Weapon Systems: 3D {4D-6D} (Laser, Turbolaser, Tractor Beam, Ion, Missile, Proton torpedo 4D {5D-7D})

Bargain/Gambling: 4D {5D-7D} (Sabaac, Djerik, Luxuries 5D)
Command/Intimidate: 4D {5D-7D}(Troopers, Base Crew, Miners, Farmers, Naval Crew, Gunners, Fighter Pilots, Marines, Factory Workers, Technicians, Imperial 5D)
Con/Persuasion: 4D {5D-7D} (Seduction, Storytelling, Oratory, Dance, Sing, Acting, Musical Instrument, Disguise, Poetry 5D)
Hide/Sneak/Evasion: 4D {5D-7D}(Urban, Sensor Evasion, Tailing, Countertracking 5D)
Search/Sensors: 4D {5D-7D}(Hand-Held Scanner, Ship Scanner, Visual Search, Tracking, Tailing, Auditory, Olfactory 5D)

Brawling: 3D {4D-6D} (Punching 4D {5D-7D})
Climbing/Jumping: 3D {4D-6D} (Tumbling 4D {5D-7D})
Lifting/Forcing: 3D {4D-6D}
Stamina/Endurance: 3D {4D-6D}
Swimming/0-G: 3D {4D-6D}

Demolitions: 3D {4D-6D}
Medicine: 3D {4D-6D} (First Aid 4D {5D-7D})
Programming: 3D {4D-6D} (Droid 4D {5D-7D})
Repair/Engineer: 3D {4D-6D} (Droid, Armor, Weapons, Vehicle 4D {5D-7D})
Security/Forgery: 3D {4D-6D} (Magna-Lock 4D {5D-7D})

Special Abilities:
Affect Mind: 6D {9D}
Telepathy: 6D {9D}
Detoxify Poison: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Enhance Attribute: 6D {9D}
Enhance Coordination: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Remove Fatigue: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Remove Disease: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Transfer Force/Reduce Injury: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Locate Item: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Life Detection: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Danger Sense: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Telekinesis: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Force of Will: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Combat Sense: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Emptiness: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Control Pain: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Concentration: 5D+1 {8D+1}
Lightsaber Combat: 5D+1 {8D+1}

Racial/Genetic Abilities:
Clawdite Shapechanging Ability, Adaptive Physiology. Adaptive Physiology abilities are all considered jury rig – jury rig numbers noted with {} brackets next to skill or attribute.
Nightvision/Echolocation (0D-3D adjustable vs Darkness penalties), Visual Flash Protection/Auto-Dimming (Always on), Sonic Blast Protection/Deafness Resistance (Always on), Taste/Smell gag reflex resistance (always on), Internal Body Cavity (On/Off ability), Bioluminescence ability (switchable on/off), Gas Filtration (3D resistance to gasses – switchable), Blood Filtration (3D resistance to Injections – switchable), Gastric Filtration (3D resistance to Ingested toxins – switchable), Cold Resistance (3D vs Environmental Freezing – always on), Heat Resistance (3D vs Environmental Heat – always on), Pain Resistance (0D-3D adjustable removal of wound penalties) Stun Resistance (0D-3D adjustable resistance to stun penalties), Rapid Reflexes (0D-3D adjustable initiative bonus), Natural Weapon Damage (0D-3D adjustable does lethal, ion, or stun), Increased Lifespan (x6 – always on), Increased Shapechanging Speed (x6 – always on), Water Breathing Gills (On/Off ability), Increased Movement Ability (10/14/18/21 adjustable), Burrowing Movement Ability (0/3/5/7 adjustable), Flight Movement Ability (0/14/18/21 adjustable), Swim Movement Ability (5/7/10/14 adjustable), Enhanced Dexterity (0D-3D adjustable), Enhanced Knowledge (0D-3D adjustable), Enhanced Mechanical (0D-3D adjustable), Enhanced Perception (0D-3D adjustable), Enhanced Strength (0D-3D adjustable), Enhanced Technical (0D-3D adjustable), Pheromone Production (0D-3D adjustable), Toxin Production (0D-3D adjustable Lethal), Toxin Production (0D-3D adjustable Stun), Body Hardening (0D-3D armor adjustable), Size Reduction (50% minimum adjustable), Size Expansion (200% maximum adjustable), Digestive Bypass (Swallow to internal cavity- switchable)

Equipment and Money:
Master False Identity (30 – Spyro Tion)
Ship Registry for Liberator and Precursor
Void Silk Formal Wear (2 Energy, 1D Physical)
Loronar Executive Datawatch – all options (25 encryption, 1D/8D portable)
Loronar Vuzix Deluxe Glasses (2D awareness, HUD, vision/hearing protection)
ESN-D1P named “Sin” Service Droid
10 Syren Pheremone in emitter
10 Pharmaceutical 10 hour Halidreshin in injector
6 Life Crystal (1D to each attribute)
Concentration Talisman (3D Jury-Rig to Force)
Masking Talisman (3D vs. Force Detection)

Cash: 21,000

Caelli-Merced CR-43XA
Move: 280; 800 (260; 750 / 225; 650) Maneuver 5D+1 (4D+1/3D+1) Crew: 1, Pass: 1, Cargo 53 kg (553/1053), Alt: 0-55m, Body 2D+2
2 Giivi Hardcase with Magna-Lock
Rear Seat
2 Repulsorlift Baggage Cart w/ Spacer’s chest, sidecar link, and magna-lock – sidecar attachments lower maneuver by 1D per sidecar and speed 1 category per sidecar when attached (numbers in Parenthesis in Swoop Stats)

In Case #1:
Droid Tool Kit
Vehicle Tool Kit
Fast Flesh Medpac
Emergency Space Suit
4 Blaster Power Packs
DL-18 Blaster Pistol
Geological Scanner
3 suits voidsilk formal wear
3 boxes of Crown cigars
2 bottles of spirits worth 400 credits each

Case #2 is normally empty (used for shopping/smuggling)

Phoenix Fleet

Flagship – Resurgence

K’kayeh Squadron

K’kayeh Ship – Liberator

K’kayeh Ship – Precursor

K’kayeh Ship – Slavager

Darlyn Boda

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-34

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-26

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-25

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-20

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-17


Template: Arrogant Imperial Noble – Tionese (force adept – Zolander)

Rank: Captain (Phoenix Fleet)

Gender: Male (can switch)

Species: Human (Clawdite)

Age: 25 (19)

Height: 1.9 meters/6’ 4" (varies)

Weight: 90 kg/198 lb (varies)

Personality: Arrogant , can come off as condescending to those below his status. Enjoys drinking, carousing, and womanizing in addition to various forms of sport and exploration. (varies with cover and situation).

Quote: A chance for greatness is always attached to the risk of great failure. (I can get it, just give me some time).

Description: Tall, handsome, and confidant looking man with dark hair and brown eyes who dresses in fine suits. (varies considerably, but usually sticks to the one identity)

Background: A Tionese noble Spyro is out in search of adventure and entertainment, bored with the court intrigue. (an escaped clawdite slave hoping the Rebel government will be more inclined to help those under Zolander rule on his homeworld).


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