Raik Muun

Jedi Hunter


A former Padawan at the Almas Academy, Human half-breed Raik Muun once fell in love with a fellow Jedi student. When her affections were not reciprocated, love turned to obsession, and Master Kirlocca dismissed her from the academy. Angered at these rejections, Raik became bent on revenge. She attempted to undermine the Jedi by impersonating members of the Jedi Order while publicly performing acts of sabotage and chaos. Muun also learned of the existence of an evil creature called a t’salak, and by kidnapping and impersonating a Jedi, she gained possession of the beast. Successfully fissioning the creature into multiple entities, she attempted to use two t’salaks to turn some Jedi into crazed killers during a peace conference. Her plan failed, but Master Kirlocca lost his life defeating the t’salaks, and Raik escaped.


Raik Muun

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