Swoop Gang Leader


Guns 4D (Blaster Pistol 5D)
Melee 3D+2 (Knife 4D+2)


MEC 2D+1
Drive/Operate 4D (Swoop 5D)

PER 2D+2
Search 4D

STR 2D+1
Endurance 4D+1

TEC 2D+1
Repair 3D+2 (Vehicle 4D+2)

Possessions: Nebulon Q Swoop, Biker Leathers, DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol with laser sight (1D to 30 meters), Code Cylinder (keyed to ship, quarters, and security systems), Animal Excluder, 6 Uniforms, 2 Tuff-1 Combat Jumpsuit, 5 Shipsuits, Shadowsuit, Camouflage Poncho, 3 Autoinjectors (typically 1 is a mix of Ryll/Stim and 1 is Koresh), Fast Flesh Medpack, 3 Datapads, 2 Nacht-7 Smoke Grenade, 2 Ion Grenade, 5 Proton Grenade , 5 C-10 Stun Grenade, 5 C-14a Stun Grenade, 5 C-22 Frag Grenade, 5 C-16 Frag Grenade, Tangler Gun-7 (10 spare magazine), Q4 Holdout Blaster (10 spare magazine), Q2 Holdout Blaster (5 spare magazine), ELG-3A Blaster Pistol with Laser Sight (5 spare magazines), Firelance Blaster Rifle (5 spare magazines), Firestorm Minimissile Launcher (3 shot disposable), Motion interface package (up to 2D), C1 Comlink (open frequency), Hush-98 Comlink (secured), 3 Spacer’s Chests, 5 Gear Bags, Starship Toolkit, Vehicle Toolkit, Advanced Starship Toolkit, Advanced Vehicle Toolkit, Power Prybar, Vibrosaw, Small Subspace Radio, 74z Military Speeder Bike, AR-7 Recon Speeder Bike (with Speeder Bike Sidecar), A14 Repulsordisk, Workstar Personal Workskiff, Arrow-23 Landspeeder, 320,000 credits


Kessra is the Human leader of the Vipers. She built the gang out of a band of former Separatist mercenaries who were stranded on Cato Neimoidia after the end of the Clone Wars. Rather than be taken captive by the newly formed Empire, Kessra led her mercenaries into hiding under the guise of being a swoop gang. After a while, Kessra realized that her Vipers could live well on Cato Neimoidia, and they took over the streets of Zarra.

Kessra and her gang decided to settle down on Darlyn Boda, but after operation Keffis elected to join the Rebellion as local liasons, assisting potential recruits in reaching BD-17 waterfall base (the first step in the recruitment process) as well as keeping an eye out for in increase in ISB/Imperial Intelligence in the system. Kessra is paid 200 credits per month for her part in the Rebellion.


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