Governor Gralek Kass

Imperial Governor


Gralek Kass rose slowly in the Imperial Ranks, but due to his family connections was guaranteed a command. He wasn’t popular with his troops or the other command so he was eventually given the post of Governor of Darlyn Boda, an insignificant backwater planet it was meant as a punishment but Kass thrived in the corrupt environment shaking down the local criminal syndicates they quickly came to an understanding that ensured him a comfortable existence with little risk. Kass accepts bribes from everyone operating on Darlyn Boda and has surrounded himself with other officers and troops of similar sentiment.

On occasion he is required to make a few arrests and send prisoners off to the Empire, but usually even these prove profitable as he simply has the syndicates pay him to make rivals the targets of the these arrests, often resulting in a bidding war as those arrested try to buy a pardon. Kass is very amused and pleased with politics on Darlyn Boda and is unfazed by galactic rebellion as long as it doesn’t bring the attention of the Empire to Darlyn Boda meaning even the Empire’s Most Wanted criminals need only pay the appropriate bribes for Kass and his men to ignore them, after all he would much rather relax with a good drink watching the latest death race than have to go out and fight.


Governor Gralek Kass

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