Commisar Jak Mavros

Black Sun Commisar


Mavros, aka Black Jack, is head of Black Sun operations in the Ison Corridor and the commander of Adelhard’s Folly, a Corellian Gunship that was captured from the sector governor’s forces and renamed to harass and embarrass the Imperial Leader.

Mavros was a mercenary commander for the separatists in the clone wars and became a pirate after the war. He was drawn into the Black Sun organization by promises of power and an easy conduit for disposing of loot. He maintains a lavish palace on the slop of a coastal mountain surrounded by a community called Sol Negro named to make his ties to the Black Sun obvious to all visitors. The local law enforcement all answer directly to Mavros and his minions.

There is a private landing field at his estate large enough to house Adelhard’s Folly, 2 customs corvettes, 2 medium transports, and a dozen gauntlet starfighters. Mavros forces include Duros pilots for his starfighters as well as ground forces which have elite units consisting of Meri and Gamoreans (the elite units make up most of his boarding parties in case some spacer decides to get out of line).

Mavros is a demanding but generous master like many other crime lords he provides enough to his subjects to keep them loyal while punishing those who cross him publicly to send a message what will happen if his generosity is tuned away. He has a similar reputation as a pirate taking only the cargo of those ships which surrender without trouble, but butchering those crews which put up a fight (an especially troublesome encounter will cause him to destroy the entire ship and then kill the occupants of any escape pods rather than tolerating resistance).

It is unclear what will happen if the Black Sun attempts to take a more direct hand in his operations, but many expect it would lead to a violent gang war.


Commisar Jak Mavros

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