Byra Fenn

Human Doctor


Byra Fenn, a talented Human woman with secrets to keep, is the chief doctor in the practice at Delgas Medical Supplies, A corporate medical practice and pharmaceutical supplier, Delgas Medical Supplies provides care to those who can afford it. Dr. Fenn had extensive dealings with Switch before he vanished. She provided treatment to Maya when she was injured on a mission to Brentaal’s Sel Zonn station.

During Operation Keffis Byra was recruited to join the Rebellion working in a hospital built by the rebels in Darlyn Lake Village. She trades medical services for food and other basic commodtites the locals can afford and guides potential recruits to BD-20 waterfall base. For her services to the rebellion she receives 200 credits per month.


Code Cylinder (keyed to ship, quarters, and security systems), Animal Excluder, 6 Uniforms, Tuff-1 Combat Jumpsuit, 5 Shipsuits, Shadowsuit, Camouflage Poncho, 3 Autoinjectors (typically 1 is a mix of Ryll/Stim and 1 is Koresh), Fast Flesh Medpack, 3 Datapads, 2 Nacht-7 Smoke Grenade, 2 Ion Grenade, 5 Proton Grenade , 5 C-10 Stun Grenade, 5 C-14a Stun Grenade, 5 C-22 Frag Grenade, 5 C-16 Frag Grenade, Tangler Gun-7 (10 spare magazine), Q4 Holdout Blaster (10 spare magazine), Q2 Holdout Blaster (5 spare magazine), ELG-3A Blaster Pistol with Laser Sight (5 spare magazines), Firelance Blaster Rifle (5 spare magazines), Firestorm Minimissile Launcher (3 shot disposable), Motion interface package (up to 2D), C1 Comlink (open frequency), Hush-98 Comlink (secured), 3 Spacer’s Chests, 5 Gear Bags, Starship Toolkit, Vehicle Toolkit, Advanced Starship Toolkit, Advanced Vehicle Toolkit, Power Prybar, Vibrosaw, Small Subspace Radio, 74z Military Speeder Bike, AR-7 Recon Speeder Bike (with Speeder Bike Sidecar), A14 Repulsordisk, Workstar Personal Workskiff, Arrow-23 Landspeeder

Byra Fenn

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