Black Sun Elite

Criminal Cartel Special Forces


The typical thug working for the Black Sun operation on Darlyn Boda is no better than most across the galaxy (Typically 3D STR with 4D to 5D in their primary combat skills armed with blaster pistols and/or vibroblades – rarely more than 500 credits per thug on average).

The Elite Guard for Commisar Jak Mavros or “Black Jack” are much more competent and generally come in three categories (Pilots, Marksmen, and Bricks).

Pilots are usually Duros, but may be especially skilled humans. They have either 6D Pilot and 5D Weapons or 6D Weapons and 5D Pilot (Since he uses gauntlet starfighters that makes them a frighteningly efficient combination able to outperform Tie pilots in an even numbers match).

Marksmen are generally Meri or similar species, but humans and other species with enough experience may make the grade with 6D Guns and 5D Stealth (6D effective with armored versatex suits on), they typically use E-11 blaster rifles with macrobinocular scopes and carry a pair of smoke grenades.

Bricks are mostly Gamoreans, but an occasional human of exceptional size or other large race with some martial training can make it in. A typical brick has 6D in Melee or Brawling and a 4D Strength. Most wear Versatex suits like the marksmen, but some have captured Stormtrooper armor painted black and fit to their size (especially the brawlers).

Most Elite troops wear Versatex with the extra armor (2 energy/1D physical) and have a DL-44 and/or E-11 with a vibrodagger and/or vibroaxe as well. Brawlers frequently have shockboxer gloves as well. Most have at least 1 smoke grenade, an autoinjector with a combination of Ryll and Stim (to cancel wound penalties) and many also have a drug injector with combat drugs (typically ringer, abyss, and daz but some may have black carsinum instead – this will give them jury rig bonuses of 1D-3D in the appropriate skills if used before a combat).

As formidable as this package may seem it comes out to considerably less than a typical stormtrooper and Mavros lacks neither funds nor volunteers for such a prestigious position in the cartel.


It is unlikely Mavros has more than 20 of each type of elite troop, so he will generally reserve them for when he feels they are needed and not assign them to things such as routine guard duty. His other troops are much more numerous and he has a hundred active troops in the less skilled ranks and can call up another 100 per day until a peak of around 1,000 is reached should the need arise for an army.

Black Sun Elite

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