Baron Kithriss

Imperial Noble


This handsome nobleman is young, barely more than 20 years old, but he carries himself with an air of superiority that befits a veteran member of the Imperial Senate. His dark black hair has been cut short in the new fashion favored by COMPNOR agents, though the rest of his garb suggests the latest fashions on Chandrila.


One of the new breed of Imperial nobles that dominates the Core worlds, Baron Kithriss is a Chandrilan noble who has become one of the Emperor’s greatest sycophants. In fact, he is so devoted to the Emperor that he was invited to a new, secret personal retreat on the Deep Core world of Byss. For weeks, Kithriss was the guest of Emperor Palpatine, but unknown to the Baron, the Emperor was secretly exposing him to a variety of Sith techniques intended to build up a resistance to Force powers. The conditioning will wear off in a matter of months, but while it lasts, the Baron’s loyalty to Palpatine will remain at zealous levels.

Baron Kithriss

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