STAR WARS - Rise of Rebellion

Prelude to Defiance

Dawn of Defiance Part 1


Episode 1


It is a dark time in the galaxy. The evil Galactic Empire has spread from the deep core to the outer rim and everywhere the Empire's tyranny can be felt.

Fleeing from the oppression of the Emperor's minions a group of agents working for Senator Bail Organa have come to a remote space station above Brentaal. Known to be an opponent of the Empire and its ways Organa may be the last hope for freedom in the galaxy.

In the hopes of stopping these dissidents before they can reach the Senator agents of the Empire are on alert at the Sel Zonn Station where a struggle for liberty rages on and the first sparks of rebellion have begun to burn . . .


Seemingly motionless among a sea of starships and satellites above the twinkling world of Brentaal the Sel Zonn Station grows larger in the view screen as The Lady of Mindolar approaches. While the passenger liner will only be making a short stop at the station before continuing on her way this is the last stop for our bold adventurers. The blinking lights of the station beckon the ship as it pulls in to docking position and the captain's voice over the intercom instructs those who are visiting the station to move to the airlocks.

The adventure begins with the characters arrival, the Battle of Yavin hasn't been envisioned as there isn't even a rebellion to have a base there but it will come to pass in three years, for now the characters are embarking on some early treasonous behavior which will build into the Galactic Civil War in the near future . . .

After arriving on the space station the characters settled in to wait for their contact and noticed two men watching. When Maya arrived she was severely injured and the two men move to intercept her while calling in a pair of stormtroopers for support.

Althea moved to get Maya while Banner took out the two undercover operatives, but was shot by the stormtroopers and fled into the alley. Jauhq hit the two stormtroopers with knives and then Thomas shot them, but struck their grenades setting off an explosion. Stephan and Thomas managed to jump clear, but Jauhq was unable to recover his vibrodaggers.

Maya guided the group to her safe house but the area was crawling with stormtrooper so after applying medkits they proceeded to the meet with Switch while Althea took Maya and Banner's droid to Spyro. Althea was jumped by a Trandoshan in the ventilation tunnels and killed him on the way to the hotel.

Althea changed and went to catch up with the rest of the team while Spyro snuck Maya to a bacta tank. As the group approached Switch's lair Banner convinced two Gamorrean guards to allow the group to enter. Switch demanded a thousand credits for information on the package the team was to pick up. As Althea was catching up a Chevin, Ganga Lor, with seven thugs killed the Gammoreans and busted in to shoot the place up.  Banner charged Ganga who managed to defend himself from one blow, but was then brutally splattered. Juahq and Thomas attacked the thugs before they took off running along with Switch's thugs. Juahq gave chase killing the two with his knives stuck in them and Althea let the others pass.

The team looted the area and took Switch and his droid as inactivated prisoners. Spyro sent Banner's SE4 and Spyro's repulsor cart to the team and then Stephan and Althea went to the Blue Deck while the others headed for The Banshee. Thomas found his room had been burglarized but the group made it to The Banshee.

Althea and Stephan spotted one of the informants from the promenade, but let them go while duping a dock worker for uniforms. At the warehouse there were stormtroopers and an imperial officer already getting their cargo, and they knew the team was coming. In the fight Althea used a lightsaber while Stephan used a tangler. The cargo turned out to be a person in carbonite and the team fled on the Banshee with Banner blasting 64-Y repulsor sleds pursuing the group.

The team reached Alderaan and met with Bail Organna giving him some of the things they recovered. Bail told them he had another job coming up in a couple weeks and gave each player 20,000 credits to hold them over.   



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