STAR WARS - Rise of Rebellion

Gem of Alderaan

Dawn of Defiance Part 12

While the data is analyzed to determine what exactly the character managed to recover they are advised to lay low taking a few month off to relax while hopefully staying under the radar so the bounty hunters don't catch up with them.

The characters also learn Admiral Varth betrayed the rebellion returning to the Empire with as much information as he could gather on their activities. This forced the rebels to abandon the base at Dantooine and has also further distanced the leadership in the rebellion causing the fleet to be disbanded until the full extent of the damage can be assessed.

When the character's wait is over they find the information leads into a heavily fortified secret Imperial project that can only be reached with special security clearance, a person with such clearance is on Alderaan, but due to suspicion Bail can't contact them directly.

Bail can arrange for the characters to get onto the luxury train Gem of Alderaan where the contact should be . . .

The characters settled in with fancy clothing to enjoy the luxury of the train while trying to arrange to meet the contact privately. Banner contacted a Twi'Lek who promised to arrange a meeting, but then the train was hijacked by terrorists. The characters overtook the train cars and made their way to the engine where the contact was being held. Banner and Stephan took over the terrorist transport while Althea, Jhauq, and Thomas broke into the engine. Thomas shot the leader who was holding the hostage while Althea and Jhauq each took two of the other terrorists.

The Terrorists had blasted the controls with the train going at full speed. Althea disconnected the cars while Stephan blasted the drives on the engine in an attempt to stop it. The engine slowed before hitting the station and the train cars were slowed.

The team was then able to secure the contacts help and get a code that would allow them to slip through the Sarlacc project defense screen.       



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