STAR WARS - Rise of Rebellion

First to Strike (Part 3)

Dawn of Defiance Part 9


Mantooine Liberation Take-2;

While Mantooine suffered a devastating assault and blockade after their first attempt at throwing off Imperial subjugation it only made them more determined to be free of their oppressors. As a result the uprising happens fast with the promise of rebel support. The only potential problem for characters is that the support from the rebellion may not materialize as the Rebel Leadership becomes fearful that repeated bold attacks may draw a level of retaliation they can't handle . . .

For the heroes there is no time to worry about the politics as they are embroiled in the uprising on Mantooine with the team split into at least four separate engagements. Starting out the team in the stolen AT-AT encountered another AT-AT with 2 AT-ST and 40 stormtroopers who had a group of 30 liberators pinned down. They attacked the AT-AT but attracted the attention of three Tie fighters. They fought and scattered the stormtroopers and shot down the tie fighters and the AT-AT as well as one AT-ST limping away with heavy damage.

Thomas jumped from building top to building top using a sniper rifle to pick off officers before jumping to other locations.

Stephan also darted through the streets lending support with explosivs to pinned down Liberator units.

The crew in the AT-AT ran into another battle with 2 AT-AT and were shot out of theirs. Fleeing the Imperial forces they encountered a dozen Trandoshan bounty hunters who managed to catch Althea in an electronet, but were killed by Banner and Jauhq.

All three teams made their way towards the Landing field fighting Imperial forces along the way. Stephan made it to the starport first and stole a bulk cruiser using it to bowl over a couple AT-ATs before crashing it into the street then the group got together.

Returning to the starport Althea and Thomas took the Liberator while Stephan, Banner, and Jauhq stole an armed ghtroc 720 belonging to one of the bounty hunter groups. The Ghtroc shot and AT-AT, but was strafed by seven Tie fighters forcing the team to bail out in heavy Imperial occupation. The others has blasted the garrison to rubble then returned with the Liberator and forced the Imperials to disperse.

The group joined back up and made rounds helping the liberators on the ground mop up.

The session ended with the team considering how to approach the space battle to free the system from Imperial control.    



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