STAR WARS - Rise of Rebellion

First to Strike (Part 2)

Dawn of Defiance Part 8

Mantooine is heavily interdicted, perhaps more than any planet the characters have ever seen or heard of. The entire orbit is filled with ion mines 5 space units thick in addition to having a Victory Class Star Destroyer and several escort ships in the system. Characters will learn immediately ships not transmitting the proper codes are fired upon immediately upon entering the system. Evading the Imperial Blockade means moving rapidly through enemy fire and plowing through hundreds of active ion mines and then trying to land safely before atmospheric patrols move into the area.

Once on the surface the characters must evade Imperial detection, rally local support, and find a way to take over the ion mine field and drive the Imperial forces from the system while also hoping to discover more on Project Sarlacc.

Bringing in 3 ships is very unlikely to succeed, Spyro would suggest having Precursor and Salvager travel to the new Rebel Base being built at Dantooine and wait for the team there. They would be close enough to bring them to Mantooine for additional support should the group succeed.

The population of Mantooine has dwindled from 980,000 resident to 768,000 residents since the first uprising against the Empire. Assuming characters can secure Mantooine it would be available as a potential resource world and as many as 1% of the population would be willing to leave Mantooine to fight the Empire (likely over 7 thousand recruits depending on the severity of the local fighting).

The team elected to create a cover of being mining prospectors representing a corporation from Kurita Space. As part of the cover they brought along mining equipment, construction equipment, and lots of live koi. They changed the transponders on the Corvette and bribed BoSS for a new registry. At the intersection of the Braxant and Relgim runs the group was stopped by an Interdictor Class Cruiser with three Victory Class Star Destroyers who searched the ship.

At the Nam'ta Space Station the group was allowed to dock to an external airlock and then thoroughly searched again by a boarding party of 40 troops. Althea infiltrated the local garrison and hacked the computers to give the team transport orders to Mantooine.

The team made it to Mantooine and found it was defended by an Imperial Star Destroyer at the jump point and three Victory Star Destroyers in orbit as well as an ion mine field extended 5 space units from the atmosphere (past normal far orbit limits).

On Mantooine they were searched again by a customs agent who questioned their paperwork. They offered to landscape his residence and stock it with koi in exchange for him going easy on the paperwork and spent two days doing their bribed work while staying on the ship. While working they realized there were frequent stormtrooper patrols throughout the city and that they had a bounty worth 15,000 each for members of the team captured or killed.

After the bribed work was done part of the team started work on a "Corporate Retreat" south of the planetary garrison using the construction work to cover mining droids tunneling into the garrison foundation. Stephan spent his time scouting other mining prospects and contacting farmers in the outlying areas in search of resistance members.

Once they completed the tunnel they had a construction droid make an airlock for the tunnel, but as it was being completed the group was attacked by 5 chameleon droids. While they took serious damage the group survived the attack, but then spotted a Trandoshan pointing them out to a group of 10 stormtrooper scouts who took up observation positions as AT-ATs and AT-STs were dispatched from the garrison. The group fled in a resource recon speeder taking damage but managing to evade capture. They hid for a week among the resistance fighters assuming their ship and crewmembers were captured by the Empire.

After a week they snuck in during the night and recovered the airlock, swam up the tunnel and attached it. Vibrosaws were used to cut in while a sound bubble was used to dampen the sound and they fought nine techs before they could call in trouble. They hacked the computers, reprogrammed the ion minefield and reset the encryption to stop the Empire from accessing them and stealing all the available data on Sarlacc.

Stephan began sabotaging the base reactor and fuel reserves while Althea, Jauhq, and Banner went to rescue the prisoners from the detention ward. Stephan managed to hack the cells and open them while the other team battled the detention guards. Once the power was lost Stephan escaped through the sea tunnel while the other team battled through stormtroopers in the sealed passages and then fought in the hangar trying to steal an At-At to make their escape with.

The session left off with Banner, Althea, and Jauhq wounded and in an At-At getting ready to blast their way out of the garrison, Stephan escaping out the sea tunnel, and Thomas with the Liberators getting ready to battle the forces still in town (likely 7 At-At, an unknown number of At-St, and many stormtroopers).  



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