STAR WARS - Rise of Rebellion


Dawn of Defiance Finished

The characters arrived at Despayre in their stealth vessel and managed to avoid the sensors on the nine Imperial Star Destroyers in System and took note of the giant space station. After some debate they decided to infiltrate the station rather than the planetary base and were soon grateful for their choice as the Death Star fired a full power blast destroying the planet below.

The characters snuck in through a garbage chute (deliberately this time) and made their way to a maintenance area with only a single tech. As Althea was hacking the system the team killed and subdued other techs coming into the area. They managed to gain the full plans of the Death Star and sabotaged the navacomputer hoping it would cause a fatal mis-jump.

After taking the plans to Bail Organa and warning him of the Death Star's destructive power the team returned to Darlyn Boda to lay low for the next year . . .

The game is on Hiatus with plans to return during the classic rebellion period after doing some other gaming.     



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