STAR WARS – Rise of Rebellion is a campaign to take a group of characters from before the Rebellion Against the Galactic Empire was declared through the Battle of Endor or perhaps beyond. Characters will begin 3 years before The Battle of Yavin and will have the opportunity to meet major characters and take part in major battles that formed the Star Wars universe.

In the beginning the characters will take part in The Dawn of Defiance, a ten part adventure series that will make them part of the foundation of the Rebellion against the Empire. I expect the timeline to be flexible and semi-correcting meaning the players can impact what happens and when, but in general the timeline will sway towards the continuity of the original material when possible (so they may save Alderaan from the Death Star only to see it fall to conventional attacks like those used on Desevro), although they may have enough warning to evacuate residents or even prevent those attacks. Players may realize they have deviated form the original storyline, but in the past players have enjoyed changing stories through their character's actions. While I expect members to be full rebels that doesn't mean they can't come from a diverse background, many rebel heroes were former scoundrels or even Imperials.

Details may change, but in general the campaign will use the house rules we have adapted in our latest game unless something proves to need adjustment. In the early part of the campaign the rebels will be limited to older designs like Z-95, Zebra, and Gauntlet fighters with the Y-Wing being the most advanced design available. Imperial forces will mostly have Tie/Ln fighters already with Tie/Gt, Tie/Rc, and Tie/Fc support units and some may even have older T.I.E. versions still, but the Tie Bomber and Tie Interceptor haven't been invented yet.

As the game moves through the timeline newer ships will become available to both sides with my preference being to have the characters involved in the missions to secure the new fighters for the Rebels.

While characters haven't gone there yet I added a sector combining the elements of Battletech and Shadowrun (mostly Battletech) and called it the Machi Sector. My plan is to eventually set up a mini-campaign in the area like those set up for Tapani, Elrood, and Minos sectors so characters remain in the Star Wars universe while exploring a somewhat more backwards region.

The player characters are part of a secret unit called Phoenix Squadron consisting of a nebulon B cruiser and five corellian corvettes. Their squad Vlakas Viaios has been charged with uncovering what the Imperial Project Sarlac is, and if necessary shutting it down before it can cause harm to the galaxy.     

STAR WARS - Rise of Rebellion

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