Drugs in the Star Wars Universe



Treat Drugs as Jury Rig both for risk and the 3D limit, with the following as the non-lethal and lethal charts;

1; Fails and Bad Reaction (-1D to all skills for 1 hour/dose)
2; Fails; effect ends but no side effects, another dose can be tried
3-6; no side effects

1; Fails, Bad Reaction and take 1D damage per dose taken
2;Fails and Bad Reaction (-1D to all skills for 1 hour/dose)
3; Fails; effect ends but no side effects, another dose can be tried
4-6; no side effects

Non-Lethal Drug Types;
Antitox; -1D per dose from poison damage/alcohol effects
Bioclean; add 1D per dose to resist disease/bacteria
Ryll; reduce damage penalties by 1D per dose
Stim; reduce stun/fatigue penalties by 1D per dose
Koresh; add STR damage capacity, lower DEX stat 1D/dose
Focus; add 1D to TEC per dose
Neuron; add 1D to KNO per dose
Rage; add 1D to STR for lifting and melee damage only
Haladreshin; add 1D PER per dose
Gravinol; reduce high/low grav penalties by 1D per dose
White Carsinum; add 1D initiative per dose

Lethal Drug Types;
Abyss; add 1D DEX per dose
Daz; add 1D STR per dose
Ringer; add 1D MEC per dose
Redeye; add 1D to DEX and Initiative, lower KNO, TEC, MEC

Exotic Drugs (use lethal failure chart);
Black Carsinum; add 1D per dose to all attributes
Glitterstim; Receptive Telepathy at PER +1D per dose

Cost; the base cost of a nonlethal drug/spice is 10 credits per dose for street level (lasts 1 hour) and 20 credits per hour for slow release pharmaceutical grade (up to 12 hours max for 240 credits)

Lethal drugs cost twice as much and Exotic drugs cost ten times as much.

Addiction can be resisted with the better of STR or PER (without enhancements) and requires a roll of 5 times the number of doses used (short term drugs are more addictive if the character wants to keep the bonus for more than an hour).

Addicted characters are distracted and take a 1D penalty to all skills on any day they haven’t yet had at least 1 dose of the drug they are addicted to.

Curing addiction requires going a month without the drug and making a difficult roll against STR or PER. If a former addict uses a drug again add 10 to the difficulty of the addiction roll.


Drug effects and cybernetic effects cannot combine for more than a 3D boost unless one is raising a general attribute and the other is only raising a skill or portion of an attribute (Halidreshin could add up to 3D to a character with HiSense but with HiFold the combined bonus would be limited to 3D).

I didn’t include things like hallucinogenic, euphoric, and other drugs that players generally consider detrimental but it could be assumed most of those are 2 credits base per dose (use of them will generally cause a 1D to 3D penalty to skill use, but may give bonuses with certain social skill rolls in certain situations or at least avoid penalties; if your too good to do their drugs your too good to be their friend/customer).

Bravo (Imperial Truth Serum) will be treated as a lethal drug with the effect of lowering willpower (perception) by 1D per dose to a maximum of 3D. It is used on the victim and they suffer any side effects based on their resistance rolls (on a bad reaction the victim becomes delusional and is 1D to 3D more difficult to get coherent information out of).

Bargaining for drugs can be done like anything else, so a typical nonlethal street drug will cost between 5 and 30 credits a dose. A character may be forced to make several small purchases before being introduced to someone who can deal in bulk if the drug is illegal where they are purchasing it (prices may be higher also).

Other Drugs: this list isn’t particularly complete, so characters may desire other drugs. I suggest a drug that only effects 1 skill be considered non-lethal while a drug that makes a significant difference in combat statistics be considered lethal or exotic.

Some drugs are meant to affect others, they can be like the “bad” street drugs, poisons and knockout drugs and truth serum or area effect chemicals like pheromones, knockout gas, and tear gas.

Published Price Toxins
Neural Inhibitor (7D stun once): 10 credits
Lethal Toxin (5D lethal once): 10 credits
Lethal Toxin (5D initial, 3D per round for 5 rounds): 20 credits
Stun Toxin (5D stun initial, 4D stun per round for 3 rounds): 10 credits

Published Price Gasses
Stun Gas Grenade (4D stun once to 40 meter radius): 300 credits
Stun Gas (8D stun once to 30 meter radius): 350 credits
Pheromone Gas (2D penalty to resist PER skills, 3 hours, 3 meter radius): 150 credits

Other gasses were extremely expensive for their effect.

Injectors: the chemical booster should only cost 125 credits (1/10 the list cost). Characters may occasionally want an auto-injector which could be made by combining an injector (125) with a personal med scanner (75) for a 200 credit unit that injects a dose of drug when certain conditions are met. Generally such a unit is strapped to the arm or leg and set up with Ryll, Stim, or a mix of the 2 to be injected if the character gets wounded (0-G stormtroopers have a system like this built into their armor).

1 dose of street quality drug can be made into 1 dose of 1 hour pharmaceutical. Multiple doses of 1 hour pharmaceutical can be combined to make longer pharmaceuticals (maximum of 12 hours in a single combined dose with time release modification).

1 dose of gas or toxin can be made into 1 dose of antidote (-1D from effect for 1 hour, up to 3 doses maximum for effect 3D, and can be made time release with up to 12 doses combined for maximum of 12 hours protection).

2 doses of gas ot toxin can be combined for 1D more damage/effect up to 3D max for 4 doses but the extra damage/effect counts as jury rig (toxin strength is reduced by jury rig amount if a failure is rolled so a 5D toxin raised to 8D with a quadruple dose would drop to 2D damage on a jury rig complication). 


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