Shengli Arms - Corporation

Vehicle manufacturer


Shengli Arms is both one of the newest and most advanced BattleMech manufacturers in the Capellan Confederation.

At the behest of Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion, Norse-Storm BattleMechs of Loxley engaged in several years of intense and insanely expensive negotiations with Shengli in the hopes of acquiring access to the Stealth Armor technology. Despite appearing to deal with the Lyran Alliance company in good faith, Shengli had no intention of releasing such an advantage to a enemy of the Capellan nation. With the contract having no stipulation stating in what language the technical specifications were to be provided in, Shengli provided Norse-Storm the data in an obscure and ancient Han dialect, forcing the company to employ Shengli Arms techs to install the armor. When all of Norse-Storm’s efforts to break the ironclad contract failed, their security chief supposedly went “rogue” and launched an objective raid against Victoria, making off with several hundred tons of stealth armor and crippling Shengli production for eight months. While Norse-Storm denied any link, they detained the Shengli aides required to install the armor and continued production of the “Stealth Spector” unabated while they tried to reverse-engineer the technology, Shengli halting all future shipments to Loxley in response.


Shengli Arms - Corporation

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