Phoenix - Sin

modified SN-D1 model


Sin is Spyro’s personal droid, an Industrial Automaton SN-D1 model fitted with gold plating and modifications from a droid customization kit. She has been modified with some expanded programming, sensors, repulsorlift, and computer link. She handles most of Spyro’s day to day affairs such as moving luggage, booking hotel rooms, ordering food, and finding entertainment venues.

Industrial Automaton Service Droid ESN-D1P
Type: Service Droid
Class: 5th Degree
Scale Character

Dexterity 1D:
Dodge 4D

Perception 1D:
(Bargain) 4D
(Search) 4D/6D for motion and nightvision

Strength 1D:

Knowledge 1D:
Alien Species 4D
Bureaucracy 3D
Culinary Arts 5D
Cultures 3D
Languages 4D
Massage 5D
(Fashion/Tailoring) 4D

Mechanical 1D:
(Drive/Repulsorlift) 4D

Technical 1D:
(Programming) 3D/4D Scomp Linked

Weight: 51kg
Height: 1.6 meters
Move: 10 Walking (13 Repulsorlift/10 meter ceiling)

-Two Humanoid Arms
-Two Humanoid Legs
-Two Human Range Visual Sensors (With Infrared)
-Motion Sensor good to 100 meters
-Feminine Programming and vocabulator
-Services Database and Information Retreival System
-Computer Interface/Scomp Link
-Broadband Antenna (picks up comlink chatter and news)
-Gold and gem sculpted finish (1,000 credits value)


Phoenix - Sin

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