Phoenix Fleet - Precursor

Vlakas Viaios Support Transport


Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation CE-2 Transport
Type: Medium Transport
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 100 meters
Skill: Pilot: Medium Transport
Crew: 2
Passengers: 2
Cargo Capacity: 50,000 metric tons
Consumables: 2 months (Scoops were added to ship)
Cost: 200,000 (new)
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x2 (Switchable to x1 with 1D jury Rig)
Hyperdrive Backup: x12
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 1D
Space: 3 (Switchable to 6 as a 3D Jury Rig)
Atmosphere: 260; 750 km/h (330; 950 enhanced)
Hull: 4D (Reinforced to 7D – not switchable 3D Jury Rig)
Shields: 1D (Enhanced to 4D with 3D of Jury Rig)

Passive: 10/1D
Scan: 25/1D
Search: 40/2D
Focus: 2/2D+2


The Precursor, like the Liberator, has no ties to Operation Keffis, Bail Organa, or Bespin as it was purchased from pirates on Darlyn Boda. It holds a vast array of supplies secured by Vlakas Viaios during their dealings which have not yet been used to help the Rebellion. Many of the supplies are being held in reserve in the hopes of finding new resources to develop while others the team plans to use in the future, but haven’t had the opportunity to use yet.

It is hoped the Precursor can be kept from combat, but in case it can’t be avoided defensive systems have been jury-rigged giving more powerful but less reliable performance.

Currently Precursor has only a single human crew;
Platt Okeefe

50 Phoenix Crates
12 Phoenix Starter Package
Gear Listed on Vlakas Viaios page
1 Starship Repair Facility
1 Starfighter Processing Plant
1 Vehicle Repair Facility
1 Speeder Bike Processing Plant
1 Landspeeder Processing Plant
1 Airspeeder Processing Plant
1 Speeder Truck Processing Plant
1 Ore Processing Facility
1 Computer Repair Facility
1 Weapon Repair Facility
1 Textile Processing Plant
1 Armor Repair Facility
1 Armor Processing Plant
2 Medical Processing Plant
10 Security Repair Facility
1 Droid Repair Facility
5 Droid Processing Plant (1 per class)
1 Farm Facility
1 Food Processing Plant
10 Espionage Droid
10 SB-20 Slicer Droid
10 FC-7 Forgery Droid
500 TS-Arach Droid
10 Fly Eye Droids
100 Q-Signal Messenger Droids
10 Czerka 3-UP Droids
10 GRD-2 Droid
10 V5-T Repulsor Cargo Droid
40 EG-9 Heavy Power Droid
80 EG-6 Power Droid
10 R2 Astromech
10 R3 Astromech
10 R4 Astromech
10 System Operator Astromech
10 V1 Pilot Droid
10 MD-0
10 MD-1
10 MD-2
10 MD-3
10 MD-4
10 MD-5
10 2-1B
50 MEMD-2 Mining Droid
100 DUM Pit Droids
100 Wanderer Scout Droids
10 Traffic Control Droids
100 Scout Collector Droids
100 GRZ Wrecker Droids
10 WA-E Armorer Droids
10 Resource Probe Droid
10 Viper Probe Droid
5 ASM-12 Messenger Droid w/pod
100 SN-D1 Service Droid
100 PG-5 Gunnery Droid
1 PT-16 Perimiter Patrol Droid
15 Factory Droid
5 Robobartender
5 AC-1 Surveillance Droid
5 PD Lurrian Protocol Droid
5 F1 Scout Droid
5 F2 Scout Droid
5 GV Guard Dog Droid
10 3PO Protocol Droid
5 Robovalet
10 C2V9 Cargo Droid
10 CLL-8 Binary Load Lifter
10 LIN Demolitionmech
100 C-2V9 Modified with Digging Claws
1 Large Droid Oil Bath
8 F-Web Repeating Blaster
10 Fresher Booths
100 Med Units
1 Hospital (100 Beds)
20 Atmospheric Scoops
20 Model 11 Space Suits
20 Tech Master II Space Suits
100 Animal Excluder

Phoenix Fleet - Precursor

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