Genetic Engineering - Adaptive Physiology

Switchable Genetic Traits


Adaptive Physiology takes the hidden genetic trait a step further allowing a shape changing species to adopt desired genetic traits and then to turn them off when not needed. This is effectively the same as a switch feature for cybernetics, but more complicated as it must be tied into the natural shape changing abilities.

In game mechanics a genetic modification must first be hidden and then made switchable adding another 1,000 credits per feature over the original cost of the feature and the hidden trait for that feature.

An example would be the ability to develop webbing in the hands and feet as well as gills when operating in a marine environment. All features are still considered jury-rig enhancements when active (on a jury rig failure a 1 results in permanent loss of the ability until medical care can fix it while a 2 results in the ability failing, but only requiring a minute of using the shape change to reactivate).


Nychtas Evolution
Spyro feels evolution is the result of deliberate genetic modification and feels it is a natural part of species advancement (not a big stretch for Clawdites since they know for certain they were created through genetic engineering). He feels it is only fitting for the species to continue their forced evolutionary journey becoming more adaptive to overcome future obstacles. His current experiments would allow a Clawdite to Enhance themselves in a variety of fashions to adapt to both environment and personal challenge.

Nightvision/Echolocation (0D-3D adjustable vs Darkness penalties) 9,000 Credits

Visual Flash Protection/Auto-Dimming (Always on) 2,000 Credits

Sonic Blast Protection/Deafness Resistance (Always on) 2,000 Credits

Taste/Smell gag reflex resistance (always on) 2,000 credits

Internal Body Cavity (On/Off ability) 3,000 Credits

Bioluminescence ability (switchable on/off) 3,000 credits

Gas Filtration (3D resistance to gasses – switchable) 7,000 Credits

Blood Filtration (3D resistance to Injections – switchable) 7,000 Credits

Gastric Filtration (3D resistance to Ingested toxins – switchable) 7,000 Credits

Cold Resistance (3D vs Environmental Freezing – always on) 6,000 Credits

Heat Resistance (3D vs Environmental Heat – always on) 6,000 Credits

Pain Resistance (0D-3D adjustable vs Wound Penalties) 9,000 Credits

Stun Resistance (0D-3D adjustable vs Stun Penalties) 9,000 Credits

Rapid Reflexes (0D-3D adjustable initiative bonus) 9,000 credits

Natural Weapon Lethal Damage (0D-3D adjustable) 9,000 credits

Natural Weapon Stun Damage (0D-3D adjustable) 9,000 credits

Natural Weapon Ion Damage (0D-3D adjustable) 9,000 credits

Increased Lifespan (x6 – always on) 10,000 credits

Increased Shapechanging Speed (x6 – always on) 10,000 credits

Water Breathing Gills (On/Off ability) 3,000 credits

Increased Movement Ability (10/14/18/21 adjustable) 21,000 credits

Burrowing Movement Ability (0/3/5/7 adjustable) 21,000 credits

Flight Movement Ability (0/14/18/21 adjustable) 21,000 credits

Swim Movement Ability (5/7/10/14 adjustable) 21,000 credits

Enhanced Dexterity (0D-3D adjustable) 21,000 credits

Enhanced Knowledge (0D-3D adjustable) 21,000 credits

Enhanced Mechanical (0D-3D adjustable) 21,000 credits

Enhanced Perception (0D-3D adjustable) 21,000 credits

Enhanced Strength (0D-3D adjustable) 21,000 credits

Enhanced Technical (0D-3D adjustable) 21,000 credits

Pheromone Production (0D-3D adjustable) 9,000 credits

Toxin Production (0D-3D adjustable Lethal) 9,000 credits

Toxin Production (0D-3D adjustable Stun) 9,000 credits

Body Hardening (0D-3D armor adjustable) 9,000 credits

Size Reduction (50% minimum adjustable) 3,000 credits

Size Expansion (200% maximum adjustable) 3,000 credits

Digestive Bypass (Swallow to internal cavity- switchable) 3,000 credits

Cost: 445,000 credits

Genetic Engineering - Adaptive Physiology

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