Duwani Mechanical Products - Corporation

Droid and Droid Part Manufacturer


Duwani Mechanical Products was a droid manufacturing company active during the time of the Old Republic. Founded well before the Gank Massacres of 4800 BBY, the company specialized in the production of utility and astromech droids, but it also produced various models of rugged and utilitarian probe droids, protocol droids, mining droids, and battle droids. Duwani remained in business throughout conflicts such as the Jedi Civil War, the Dark Wars, and the Great Galactic War, and two of its products—the T3-series utility droid T3-M4 and the T7-series astromech droid T7-O1—played pivotal roles in galactic events during their lifetimes. However, Duwani eventually went out of business sometime before the Clone Wars, and their products were dwindling in number until recently when newly produced items began hitting the market.


Duwani Mechanical Products - Corporation

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