Darlyn Boda - Waterfall Base BD-34

Secret Base


Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-34:
Most Secret Base, known only to PCs and select Jedi

Emergency Funds Chest: Maglocked Spacer Chest with 1,000,000 credits cash.
9,900 Phoenix Crates
60 Phoenix Starter Package
10 Starship Repair Facility
10 Starfighter Processing Plant
10 Light Freighter Processing Plant
10 Medium Freighter Processing Plant
10 Bulk Freighter Processing Plant
10 Vehicle Repair Facility
1 Mining Facility
1 Ore Processing Facility
10 Speeder Bike Processing Plant
10 Landspeeder Processing Plant
10 Airspeeder Processing Plant
10 Submarine Processing Plant
10 Sail Barge Processing Plant
10 Skiff Processing Plant
10 Speeder Truck Processing Plant
10 Computer Repair Facility
9 Weapon Repair Facilities
10 Textile Processing Plant
10 Armor Repair Facility
10 Armor Processing Plant
10 Medical Processing Plant
1,000 Security Repair Facility
10 Droid Repair Facility
10 Droid Processing Facility (2 per class)
1 Food Processing Plant
10 IC-2 Construction Droid
10 Espionage Droid
100 Elegance Droid
10 SB-20 Slicer Droid
1,000 FC-7 Forgery Droid
1,000 TS-Arach Pest Control Droid
100 Fly Eye Droid
30 Czerka 3-UP Droids
10 GRD-2 Droids
200 V5-T Repulsor Cargo Droid
500 V5-T Tread Cargo Droid
200 EG-9 Heavy Power Droid
400 EG-6 Power Droid
100 R2 Astromech
10 R3 Astromech
10 R4 Astromech
10 System Operator Astromech
10 V1 Pilot Droid
4,000 MEMD-2 mining Droids
1,000 DUM Pit Droids
1,000 Wanderer Scout Droids
100 Traffic Control Droids
1,000 Scout Collector Droids
1,000 WA-E Armorer Droids
100 Resource Probe Droid
100 Viper Probe Droid
5 ASM-12 Messenger Droid w/Pod
1,000 SN-D1 Service Droid
1,000 SE4 Servant Droid
1,000 PG-5 Gunnery Droid
10 RA-7 Servant Droid
10 BT-16 Perimiter Patrol Droid
15 MH Repair Droid
160 Factory Droid
100 Robobartender
10 434 Personal Chef Droid
100 WED repair Droid
100 IC-M maintenance Droid
10 AC-1 Surveillance Droid
10 F1 Scout Droid
10 F2 Scout Droid
10 GV Guard Dog Droid
10 PD Lurrian Protocol Droid
10 3PO Protocol Droid
10 Robovalet
100 Bighaul Cargo Droid
1,000 C-2v9 Cargo Droid
10 CLL-8 Binary Load Lifter
10 LIN Demolitionmech
10 WV-E Repair Droid
500 C-2V9 Modified with Digging Claws
10 Large Droid Oil Bath
400 F-Web Repeating Blaster
100 Sun Rooms (hydroponics)
100 Agribot Mark III
20 Fresher Booths
1,000 Med Units
10 Full Hospitals (1,000 total beds)
500 Facility Life Support
200 Facility Airlock
100 Tech Master II Space Suits
100 Model 11 Space Suits
200 Phoenix Uniform
800 Phoenix Field Armor


This base is nearly impossible to detect (Dif 34 sensors) and runs deep underground with only 1 exit (no emergency escape if entrance is destroyed). The Exit goes through a waterfall (100 meters tall) and behind the waterfall massive blast doors are closed unless a pre-arranged signal is given indicating a ship is coming through (the entrance is 30 meters from the waterfall base and 35 meters square).

Within there is a labyrinth of mining tunnels, underground factories, and living chambers. The base can support 500 full time residents and there is no evidence inside the base that it is located on a habitable world (no windows, and all light, temperature, and so forth is artificial).

The myriad passages and work spaces contain factories capable of producing anything up to the size of a Bulk Freighter (assuming it can fit through the 35 × 35 meter opening – Corellian Action Series can while SoroSuub Quasar cannot). Droids work the massive processing plants making everything from comlinks and ration packs to ship cannons and starfighters. The hydroponics area is extensive and will produce 350 tons of food, medicine, and textiles in 2 BBY (increasing by 350 tons per year after 2 BBY as more hydroponics and farm droids are added). The army of droids are able to mine and process around 20 tons of metal a day, while not everything needed is found in the area the extensive tunnels fill a considerable amount of the factory needs, what is left must be imported (the initial mineral resources will run out eventually, but the droid scouts are already tunneling in search of new materials).

The Base also handles forgery of documents and currency. Routine paperwork of Master Quality (dif-30) is handled by a dedicated line of forgery droids who make identification, orders, permits, and shipping manifests. In order for Identification to hold up it requires additional work which must be done outside the base and usually takes another 10 days to get done (a person getting a new identity is usually also given training in appropriate languages, planetary specializations, culture specializations, and a specialty in their own background – treat as a very specific con specialization) – obviously this level of deep cover is more than most rebels will need. The credit forging droids make masterfully (dif-30) forged credits in 10, 100, and 1,000 credit denominations which are then sent to front companies to be laundered and acquire supplies needed for the rebellion.

Darlyn Boda - Waterfall Base BD-34

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