Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-25

Secret Base


Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-25:
Secret Fighter Base, Known to Officers and Assigned Personnel

10 Phoenix Crates
10 Phoenix Starter Package
400 Agribot Mark III
Starfighter Repair Facility
Vehicle Repair Facility
Food Processing Plant
Guardian Shield Generator
V-150 Planet Defender Ion Cannon
100 W-34 Turbolaser (25 quad mounts in 1 km radius)
10 Longview 382 Sensor Suites
10 Large Subspace Radio
10 K-222 Interceptor Airspeeders
10 Orbitblade 2000 Airspeeder
20 Conjo Fighter Airspeeder
20 74z Military Speeder Bike
6 Espionage Droid
80 TS-Arach Pest Control Droid
10 GRD-2 Droid
6 V5-T Repulsor Cargo Droid
10 EG-9 Heavy Power Droid
20 EG-6 Power Droid
10 R2 Astromech
10 R4 Astromech
10 MEMD-2 Mining Droid
40 DUM Pit Droids
40 Wanderer Scout Droids
10 Traffic Control Droids
2 SN-D1 Service Droid
2 SE4 Servant Droid
10 PG-5 Gunnery Droid
2 PT-16 Perimiter Patrol Droid
1 robobartender
1 AC-1 Surveillance Droid
2 F1 Scout Droid
1 F2 Scout Droid
1 GV Guard Dog Droid
1 Robovalet
2 C2V9 Cargo Droid
1 LIN Demolitionmech
1 Large Droid Oil Bath
30 F-Web Repeating Blaster (around turbolasers and sensors)
2 PY-6 Ground to Orbit Proton Torpedo Emplacements
10 Fresher Booths
10 2-1B Medical Droids
10 Med Units
1 Hospital (100 Beds)
56 Facility Airlock
300 Blast Vests
300 Blast Helmets
1,200 Rebel Unforms
100 Techmaster II Spacesuit
200 Phoenix Field Armor


BD-25 is a fighter base with powerful base defenses including ground to orbit proton torpedo launchers, a planetary defense ion cannon, and a powerful shield generator. It also has close in defenses in the form of quad turbolaser batteries for anti-starfighter defense and F-Web shielded heavy repeating blasters for anti-infantry.

The landing Area is hidden behind a waterfall, although unlike some other bases on Darlyn Boda this one has other entry points (concealed security doors hidden under area farmhouses leading to tunnels covered by repeating blasters).

The Local Air-Wing consists of 40 heavily armed airspeeders and the base is used to cycle starfighter squadrons (it is a secret delivery point for BD-34 so pilots are often brought in on a shuttle to pick up new fighters and astromech droids).

While the base is heavily defended and somewhat secret the last line of defense is an Elegance Droid Self Destruct System doing 9D starfighter scale damage to a 600 meter radius hopefully destroying any evidence and many invading troops in the process.

This base has a secondary function in that the surrounding farms produce food, medicine, and textiles for the rebellion (there are 3,600 working lots in 9 lot clumps spread over 100 square kilometers using an aggressive regimen of fertilization and genetics resulting in a yield of 7,500 tons a year without having an actual town or population center easily identified from the air).

Darlyn Boda Waterfall Base BD-25

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