Cybot Galactica - Corporation

Droid and Droid Part Manufacturer


Cybot Galactica dominated the market in nonmilitary droids, especially protocol droids. The company was headquartered on Etti IV in the Corporate Sector. It excelled in marketing and design, but was also known to have expensive products. However, the wide-ranging service and support Cybot Galactica made up for this. Almost all major and minor Republic and Imperial worlds had at least one Cybot sales and service center. Because of how common their products and service centers were, mechanics had a comparatively easy time repairing and modifying Cybot droids. Like other droid manufacturers, Cybot Galactica utilized the expansive production facilities on Telti, as well as those on the planet Affa for their protocol division.


Cybot Galactica - Corporation

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